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Taxonomy Detail

Class Mediophyceae

Mediophyceae Medlin & Kaczmarska, 2004: 267.

Source: Medlin, L.K. (2016). Evolution of the diatoms: major steps in their evolution and a review of the supporting molecular and morphological evidence. Phycologia 55(1): 79-103.

Original publication: Medlin, L.K. & Kaczmarska, I. (2004). Evolution of the diatoms: V. Morphological and cytological support for the major clades and a taxonomic revision. Phycologia 43: 245-270.

Nomenclatural notes:

INA: "Basionym: See Mediales A.P. Jousé & A.I. Proshkina-Lavrenko 1949 (R) T. See image Chaetoceros ["Type genus: Chaetoceros"]" Parenthetic authorities are not required above the level of genus.

Key References
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(Please note: only references with the binomials in the title are included. The information is from the Literature database.)

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