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Taxonomy Detail

Family Uronemataceae

Uronemataceae Caisová, Pérez Reyes, Cruz Álamo, Martel Quintana, Surek & Melkonian, 2015: 7.

Original publication: Caisová, L., Pérez Reyes, C., Cruz Álamo, V., Martel Quintana, A., Surek, B. & Melkonian, M. (2015). Barrancaceae: a new green algal lineage with structural and behavioral adaptations to a fluctuating environment. American Journal of Botany 102(9): 1482-1492.

Unbranched uniseriate filaments growing in aquatic (freshwater) or terrestrial habitats. Filaments with apical–basal polarity defined by a holdfast located at the side of the filament attached to the substrate. The polarity of the filament can be suppressed. Hairs absent. Cells cylindrical, uninucleate. Chloroplast single and parietal, pyrenoid(s) present. Asexual reproduction by quadrifl agellate zoospores arising as 1-2 per cell or by aplanospores, vegetative by fragmentation of fi laments through filament "splitting". Sexual reproduction unknown.

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