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Taxonomy Detail

Order Chaetopeltidales

Chaetopeltidales C.J.O'Kelly, Shin Watanabe, & G.L.Floyd .

Authority notes: CHAETOPELTIDALES C.J. O'Kelly, S. Watanabe, & G.L. Floyd

Key References
Turmel, M., Brouard, J.-S., Gagnon, C., Otis, C. & Lemieux, c. (2008). Deep division in the Chlorophyceae (Chlorophyta) revealed by chloroplast phylogenomic analyses. Journal of Phycology 44(3): 739-750, 4 figs, 3 tables.

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O'Kelly, C.J., Watanabe, S. & Floyd, G.L. (1994). Ultrastructure and phylogenetic relationships of Chaetopeltidales ord. nov. (Chlorophyta, Chlorophyceae). Journal of Phycology 30: 118-128.

Sanchez-Puerta, M.V., Leonardi, P.I., O'Kelly, C.J. & Caceres, E.J. (2006). Pseudulvella americana belongs to the order Chaetopeltidales (Class Chlorophyceae), evidence from ultrastructure and SSU and rDNA sequence data. Journal of Phycology 42: 943-950.

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Watanabe, S., Fucíková, K., Lewis, L.A. & Lewis, P.O. (2016). Hiding in plain sight: Koshicola spirodelophila gen. et sp. nov. (Chaetopeltidales, Chlorophyceae), a novel green alga associated with the aquatic angiosperm Spirodela polyrhiza. American Journal of Botany 103(5): 1-11, 5 figs.

Wujek, D. & Thompson, R.H. (1999). The algal genera Chaetopeltis, Oligochaetophora, and Polychaetophora (Chaetopeltidales, Chlorophyta). Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science 102: 40-46.

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