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Taxonomy Detail

Order Ulotrichales

Ulotrichales Borzì, 1895: 348.

Source: Škaloud, P., Rindi, F., Boedeker, C. & Leliaert, F. (2018). Süßwasserflora von Mitteleuropa. Freshwater flora of central Europe. Bd 13. Chlorophyta: Ulvophyceae (Krienitz, L. ed.). pp. [i]-vii, [1]-288, 182 figs. Berlin: Springer Spektrum.

Original publication: Borzí, A. (1895). Studi algologici: saggio di richerche sulla biologia delle alghe. Fasc. II. pp. [121]-378, pls X-XXXI. Palermo: Alberto Reber Libreria Carlo Clausen.

Thalli microscopic or macroscopic, including coccoid, sarcinoid, filamentous or blade-like forms. Cells uni- or multinucleate, generally possessing a single parietal chloroplast with one to several pyrenoids. Life history variable, some members have a diplohaplontic cell cycle, isomorphic or heteromorphic with filamentous or blade-like gametophyte and unicellular, microscopic, usually stalked sporophyte (Codiolum stage); in other members sexual reproduction and Codiolum stage unknown. Motile cells covered with tiny diamond-shaped organic body scales.

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