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Taxonomy Detail

Order Chaetophorales

Chaetophorales Wille, 1901: 13.

Source: Huisman, J.M. (2015). Algae of Australia: marine benthic algae of north-western Australia. 1. Green and brown algae. pp. [i]-viii, 1-320, 56 figs, 14 pls. Canberra & Melbourne: ABRS & CSIRO Publishing.

Original publication: Wille, N. (1901). Studien über Chlorophyceen. I-VII. Skrifter Udgivne af Videnskabs-selskabet i Kristiania. Mathematisk-naturvidenskabelig Klasse 1900(6): 1-46, pls I-IV [168 figs].

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