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Taxonomy Detail

Order Rhodymeniales

Rhodymeniales F.Schmitz in Engler, 1892: 19.

Source: Huisman, J.M. (2018). Algae of Australia. Marine benthic algae of north-western Australia. 2. Red algae. pp. [i]-xii, 1-672, 189 figs. Canberra & Melbourne: ABRS & CSIRO Publishing.

Original publication: Schmitz, F. (1892). [6. Klasse Rhodophyceae]. 2. Unterklasse Florideae. In: Syllabus der Vorlesungen über specielle und medicinisch-pharmaceutische Botanik. Eine Uebersicht über das gesammte Pflanzensystem mit Berücksichtigung der Medicinal- und Nutzpflanzen. Grosse Ausgabe. (Engler, A. Eds), pp. 16-23. Berlin: Borntraeger.

Thallus erect or decumbent, of various forms, simple or branched; branches terete or flattened, solid or hollow, occasionally segmented. Structure multiaxial; medulla of large hyaline cells, grading to a cortex of smaller pigmented cells; in hollow genera sometimes with longitudinal filaments; vesicular cells occasionally present in hollow genera, borne on medullary cells or filaments and projecting into the central cavity. Cells multinucleate; secondary pit connections present; pit plugs lacking cap layers. Spermatangia on outer cortical cells, mostly in inconspicuous sori. Carpogonial branches 3- or 4-celled, on an inner cortical cell in close association with a 2- or 3-celled auxiliary cell branch; auxiliary cells present before fertilisation. Following fertilisation the diploid nucleus transferred to the auxiliary cell directly or by a connecting cell. Carposporophyte with a basal erect fusion cell; gonimoblast with terminal carposporangia or composed entirely of carposporangia; basal nutritive tissue occasionally present, sometimes connected by slender filaments or stellate cells (tela arachnoidea) to the pericarp. Cystocarps mostly protuberant, rarely immersed; pericarp well developed, mostly ostiolate. Tetrasporangia cruciately or tetrahedrally divided, terminal or intercalary, rarely forming polysporangia, scattered in the cortex or in pits. Life history triphasic, with tetrasporophytes isomorphic with gametophytes [after Womersley (1996)].

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