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Family Naccariaceae

Naccariaceae Kylin, 1928: 11.

Source: Huisman, J.M. (2018). Algae of Australia. Marine benthic algae of north-western Australia. 2. Red algae. pp. [i]-xii, 1-672, 189 figs. Canberra & Melbourne: ABRS & CSIRO Publishing.

Original publication: Kylin, H. (1928). Entwicklungsgeschichtliche Florideenstudien. Lunds Univ. Arsskr. N.F. Avd. 2 84(4): 1-127.

Thallus (gametophyte) erect, mucosoid, irregularly radially branched. Structure uniaxial; axial cells initially ecorticate, but eventually with a cortex, or surrounded by rhizoids that can be secondarily inflated. Determinate branches arising in a spiral or whorled pattern. Plants usually dioecious. Spermatangia in clusters on outer cells. Carpogonial branches borne on basal cells of lateral branches, with nutritive cells. Fertilised zygote generally fusing with the hypogynous cell, then producing a diffuse or discrete gonimoblast lacking a pericarp. Tetrasporophytes, where known, microscopic and filamentous, with lateral or terminal tetrahedrally divided tetrasporangia.

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