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Family Nemastomataceae

Nemastomataceae Ardissone, 1869: 163.

Source: Huisman, J.M., Boo, G.H. & Boo, S.M. (2018). Gelidiales. In: Algae of Australia. Marine benthic algae of north-western Australia. 2. Red algae. (Huisman, J.M. Eds), pp. 245-264. Canberra & Melbourne: ABRS & CSIRO Publishing.

Original publication: Ardissone, F. (1869). Studi sulle Alghe Italiche. Ordine delle Crittoneme . Nuovo Giornale Botanico Italiano 1(3): [161]-256, 2 pls.

Thallus slightly to strongly gelatinous, uncalcified, terete or compressed, with entire or lobed margins; lobes simple or branched; surface smooth or proliferous. Structure multiaxial; medulla and cortex loosely filamentous; cortical cells without secondary pit connections. Spermatangia in clusters on outer cortical cells. Carpogonial branches and auxiliary cells usually on separate cortical branch systems; auxiliary cells intercalary; connecting filaments linking fertilised carpogonium with 1 or more auxiliary cells; ±all cells of gonimoblast differentiating into carposporangia. Tetrasporangia cruciately divided.

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