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Taxonomy Detail

Family Kallymeniaceae

Kallymeniaceae Kylin, 1928: 56.

Source: Huisman, J.M. & Saunders, G.W. (2018). Kallymeniaceae. In: Algae of Australia. Marine benthic algae of north-western Australia. 2. Red algae. (Huisman, J.M. Eds), pp. 184-191. Canberra & Melbourne: ABRS & CSIRO Publishing.

Original publication: Kylin, H. (1928). Entwicklungsgeschichtliche Florideenstudien. Lunds Univ. Arsskr. N.F. Avd. 2 84(4): 1-127.

Thallus blade-like to membranous, entire or irregularly divided, occasionally perforate. Structure multiaxial; medulla filamentous or partly pseudoparenchymatous; cortex filamentous; some genera with stellate subcortical cells. Spermatangia in superficial patches on outer cortical cells. Carpogonial branches 3-celled, 1–several borne on a common supporting cell that functions as an auxiliary cell either for associated carpogonial branches or for another carpogonial branch system. Following fertilisation, a few species form a short connecting filament, most undergoing direct fusion between the carpogonium and auxiliary cell. Cystocarps of some genera large, occupying the major part of a cross-section and protruding conspicuously, with 1–several ostioles; comparatively inconspicuous in other genera. Tetrasporangia formed in the outer cortex, cruciately divided. Life history triphasic, with isomorphic sporophyte and gametophyte.

Nomenclatural notes:

Not "(J.Agardh) Kylin"; Art. 49.2 Melbourne Code. Parenthetical authors are not cited for suprageneric names.

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