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Taxonomy Detail

Class Stylonematophyceae

Stylonematophyceae H.S.Yoon, K.M.Müller, R.G.Sheath, F.D.Ott & D.Bhattacharya, 2006: 490.

Source: Kamiya, M., Lindstrom, S.C., Nakayama, T., Yokoyama, A., Lin, S.-M., Guiry, M.D., Gurgel, F.D.G., Huisman, J.M., Kitayama, T., Suzuki, M., Cho, T.O. & Frey, W. (2017). Rhodophyta. In: Syllabus of Plant Families, 13th ed. Part 2/2 Photoautotrophic eukaryotic Algae. (Frey, W. Eds), pp. [i]-xii, [1]-171. Stuttgart: Borntraeger Science Publishers.

Original publication: Yoon, H.S., Muller, K.M., Sheath, R.G., Ott, F.D. & Bhattacharya, D. (2006). Defining the major lineages of red algae (Rhodophyta). Journal of Phycology 42: 482-492.

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Zuccarello, G.C., West, J.A., & Kikuchi, N. (2008). Phylogenetic relationships within the Stylonematales (Stylonematophyceae, Rhodohyta): biogeographic patterns do not apply to Stylonema alsidii. Journal of Phycology 44: 384-393.

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