135,470 species and infraspecific names are in the database, 17,424 images, 50,515 bibliographic items, 225,703 distributional records.

AlgaeBase is a database of information on algae that includes terrestrial, marine and freshwater organisms.

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Sargassum muticum (Yendo) Fensholt Trá an Dóilín, an Cheathrú Rua, Connemara


AlgaeBase requires continual maintenance. With nearly 40,000 species and 150,000 names and few resources, we need to spend all of our available time on data entry and general care of the website.
Because of this, it is impossible for us to answer requests for identification of specimens, photographs and requests to provide further information or literature. All the literature and information we have available is on the site as PDFs.
So, please do not send e-mails with pictures of specimens for identification or seeking literature as it is impossible for us to respond to such requests.
Please realise that AlgaeBase is intended to be a guide to the taxonomy and distribution of marine, freshwater and terrestrial algae and is being updated and corrected continuously. You should endeavour to verify the information prior to publication.

Michael & Wendy Guiry
April 2014

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