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Stastny, J., 2010

Stastny, J. (2010). Desmids (Conjugatophyceae, Viridiplantae) from the Czech Republic; new and rare taxa, distribution, ecology. Fottea, Olomouc 10(1): 1-74.

The present work summarizes the current diversity, distribution and autecology of desmids found within the Czech Republic; the focus is on the occurrence and autecology of rare taxa. Data are based on the author's extensive sampling from 2003 to 2009, during work for both his master's degree, and currently, his Ph.D. dissertation. Over 1 400 samples were collected, from various types of wetland habitats ranging from eutrophic fishponds, diverse bogs and fens, to ephemeral pools and various aerophytic habitats. Altogether, 526 taxa of desmids (401 species) belonging to 27 genera were found, 80 of them newly described in the Czech Republic. In the present work, 169 rare or otherwise noteworthy taxa, belonging to the following genera: Mesotaenium (1), Netrium (1), Roya (2), Tortitaenia (1), Gonatozygon (2), Closterium (14), Haplotaenium (2), Pleurotaenium (3), Docidium (1), Actinotaenium (6), Euastrum (9), Micrasterias (7), Cosmarium (78), Xanthidium (7), Staurodesmus (4), Staurastrum (25), Cosmocladium (2), Sphaerozosma (2), Hyalotheca (1) and Desmidium (1) are depicted by line drawings and briefly discussed with regard to their ecology, taxonomy or distribution within the Czech Republic or Central Europe. In addition, SEM images are provided for 45 taxa, and, finally, a comprehensive table is included with indicative notations concerning all taxa found.

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