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Lacrimatoria Bory, 1824

Type species: a type species (generitype) appears not to have been designated.

Taxonomic status: uncertain, requiring further investigation.

Most recent taxonomic treatment adopted: Silva, P.C. (1960). Remarks on algal nomenclature III. Taxon 9: 18-25.

Nomenclatural notes
According to Silva (1960: 19), "Lacrimatoria Bory (1824, p. 479; 1826, p. 158, 'Lacrymatoria') originally comprised six species of diverse relationships, including Vibrio acus Mueller, which was referred to Euglena by Ehrenberg in his original treatment of that genus. Ehrenberg (1830b, p. 42) changed the spelling to Lacrymaria, later (1838, p. 309) commenting that this name was "sprachlich vorzuziehende." Previously (1832, p. 105) he had indirectly lectotypified the genus by retaining in it only Vibrio olor Mueller (a ciliate) of the six original species. In 1884 (p. 316) he established the genus Trachelocerca to encompass three species, including Vibrio olor. Protozoologists currently refer this species to either Lacrymaria or Trachelocerca, both of which names would be illegitimate in accordance with the Botanical Code. It is sufficient for our purpose, however, to note that Lacrymatoria applies to a genus of ciliates rather than to euglenids." - (17 Mar 2013) - M.D. Guiry

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