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Delesseria J.V.Lamouroux, 1813

Delesseria J.V.Lamouroux, 1813: 122

Empire Eukaryota
Kingdom Plantae
Subkingdom Biliphyta
Phylum Rhodophyta
Subphylum Eurhodophytina
Class Florideophyceae
Subclass Rhodymeniophycidae
Order Ceramiales
Family Delesseriaceae
Subfamily Delesserioideae
Tribe Delesserieae

Lectotype species: Delesseria sanguinea (Hudson) J.V.Lamouroux

Original publication:Lamouroux, J.V.F. (1813). Essai sur les genres de la famille des thalassiophytes non articulées. Annales du Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris 20: 21-47, 115-139, 267-293, pls 7-13.
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Type designated in Kützing, F.T. (1843). Phycologia generalis oder Anatomie, Physiologie und Systemkunde der Tange. Mit 80 farbig gedruckten Tafeln, gezeichnet und gravirt vom Verfasser. pp. [part 1]: [i]-xxxii, [1]-142, [part 2:] 143-458, 1, err.], pls 1-80. Leipzig: F.A. Brockhaus.
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Taxonomic status: currently recognized as a distinct genus.

Most recent taxonomic treatment adopted: Wynne, M.J. (2014 '2013'). The red algal families Delesseriaceae and Sarcomeniaceae. pp. [1]-326, 118 figs. Königstein: Koeltz Scientific Books.

Nomenclatural notes
Named for "M. le baron [Jules Paul] Benjamin Delessert" (1773-1847), French industrialist, banker, philantrophist, and amaetur botanist. - (23 Mar 2010) - M.D. Guiry

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Numbers of names and species: There are 265 species (and infraspecific) names in the database at present, of which 11 have been flagged as currently accepted taxonomically.

Names: ('C' indicates a name that is currently accepted taxonomically; 'S' a homotypic or heterotypic synonym; 'U' indicates a name of uncertain taxonomic status, but which has been subjected to some verification nomenclaturally; 'P' indicates a preliminary AlgaeBase entry that has not been subjected to any kind of verification. For more information on a species click on it to activate a link to the Species database):

Delesseria adnata Zanardini S 
Delesseria aemula A.J.K.Millar & M.J.Wynne C 
Delesseria alata var. prolifera Suhr S 
Delesseria alata var. angustifolia P.L.Crouan & H.M.Crouan P 
Delesseria alata var. angustifolia Le Jolis P 
Delesseria alata var. angustissima (Turner) Greville P 
Delesseria alata var. beringiana Ruprecht S 
Delesseria alata var. dilatata (Turner) C.Agardh S 
Delesseria alata var. europaea Ruprecht P 
Delesseria alata var. filiformis (Stackhouse) Ruprecht P 
Delesseria alata var. latissima Harvey U 
Delesseria alata var. phyllophora Ruprecht P 
Delesseria alata var. dentata Montagne S 
Delesseria alata var. denticulata Montagne S 
Delesseria alata var. spinulosa Ruprecht P 
Delesseria alata (Hudson) J.V.Lamouroux S 
Delesseria alata var. angustissima (Turner) C.Agardh S 
Delesseria alata var. angustifolia Lyngbye S 
Delesseria amansioides Sonder S 
Delesseria amboinensis Karsten S 
Delesseria americana C.Agardh S 
Delesseria amethystina Schousboe P 
Delesseria angustissima (Turner) A.W.Griffiths ex Harvey S 
Delesseria antarctica Skottsberg S 
Delesseria appendiculata Mazza ex De Toni C 
Delesseria armata J.Agardh S 
Delesseria baeri Ruprecht S 
Delesseria baeri var. corymbosa (J.Agardh) Rosenvinge S 
Delesseria balearica J.J.Rodríguez y Femenías S 
Delesseria bartoniae F.Schmitz C 
Delesseria beccarii Zanardini S 
Delesseria belayevii A.D.Zinova S 
Delesseria bengalensis (G.Martens) Prain S 
Delesseria beringiana f. phyllophora Ruprecht P 
Delesseria beringiana var. spinulosa Ruprecht S 
Delesseria beringiana Ruprecht S 
Delesseria bifida (Turner) J.V.Lamouroux P 
Delesseria bipinnatifida Montagne S 
Delesseria bonnemaisonii C.Agardh S 
Delesseria botryocarpa J.V.Lamouroux P 
Delesseria botryocarpa C.Agardh S 
Delesseria bracteata (Turner) J.V.Lamouroux P 
Delesseria brodiaei (Turner) J.V.Lamouroux P 
Delesseria californica J.Agardh S 
Delesseria carnosa Reinsch S 
Delesseria carnosa f. latiloba Reinsch C 
Delesseria carnosa f. rotundata Reinsch C 
Delesseria caulescens (S.G.Gmelin) J.V.Lamouroux C 
Delesseria chordalis C.Agardh S 
Delesseria ciliaris J.V.Lamouroux P 
Delesseria ciliata (Turner) J.V.Lamouroux P 
Delesseria coccinea (Hudson) C.Agardh S 
Delesseria commandorensis E.S.Sinova S 
Delesseria complanata Ruprecht P 
Delesseria condensata Reinsch S 
Delesseria conferta (R.Brown ex Turner) C.Agardh S 
Delesseria corallorhiza Schousboe P 
Delesseria corifolia Harvey S 
Delesseria cornea (Hudson) Greville P 
Delesseria corymbosa J.Agardh S 
Delesseria crassifolia f. typica E.S.Sinova P 
Delesseria crassifolia f. pulcherrima E.S.Sinova S 
Delesseria crassifolia Ruprecht S 
Delesseria crassinervia Montagne S 
Delesseria crenata var. incrassata (Turner) Ruprecht P 
Delesseria crenata var. ciliata (Lyngbye) Ruprecht P 
Delesseria crenata var. lingulata (C.Agardh) Ruprecht P 
Delesseria crenata var. quercifolia (Turner) Ruprecht P 
Delesseria crenata var. crassifolia Ruprecht P 
Delesseria crenata var. serratiloba Ruprecht S 
Delesseria crispa (Zanardini) Zanardini S 
Delesseria crispatula Harvey S 
Delesseria crozetii Levring C 
Delesseria cruenta (Harvey) J.Agardh P 
Delesseria davisii J.D.Hooker & Harvey S 
Delesseria decipiens J.Agardh S 
Delesseria dendroides var. oblongifolia Harvey S 
Delesseria dendroides Harvey S 
Delesseria dendroides var. lancifolia Harvey C 
Delesseria dentata (Turner) J.V.Lamouroux P 
Delesseria denticulata J.Agardh S 
Delesseria denticulata Harvey S 
Delesseria denticulata f. rostrata (Lyngbye) F.S.Collins P 
Delesseria dichotoma J.D.Hooker & Harvey S 
Delesseria edulis (Stackhouse) J.V.Lamouroux P 
Delesseria endiviaefolia f. f .& Harvey P 
Delesseria endiviifolia J.D.Hooker & Harvey S 
Delesseria endiviifolia J.D.Hooker & Harvey P 
Delesseria epiglossum J.Agardh S 
Delesseria erinacea (Turner) J.V.Lamouroux P 
Delesseria ferlusii Hariot S 
Delesseria ferrarii Bonnemaison & J.V.Lamouroux P 
Delesseria filicina J.V.Lamouroux S 
Delesseria fimbriata Bachelot de la Pylaie ex J.Agardh S 
Delesseria fimbriata J.V.Lamouroux S 
Delesseria flaccida J.V.Lamouroux S 
Delesseria fraxinifolia (Mertens ex Turner) C.Agardh S 
Delesseria frondosa J.D.Hooker & Harvey S 
Delesseria fuegiensis Skottsberg S 
Delesseria glandulosa (Solander ex Turner) C.Agardh S 
Delesseria gmelinii J.V.Lamouroux S 
Delesseria griffithsia Suhr S 
Delesseria griffithsiana "Suhr" P 
Delesseria hancockii W.R.Taylor S 
Delesseria harveyana J.Agardh S 
Delesseria heterocystidea J.Agardh S 
Delesseria hilliae Greville S 
Delesseria holmiana Strömfelt S 
Delesseria hombroniana (Montagne) Ruprecht P 
Delesseria hookeri Lyall ex Harvey S 
Delesseria hypoglossa (Turner) J.V.Lamouroux P 
Delesseria hypoglossoides Harvey S 
Delesseria hypoglossum var. penicillata (Zanardini) Hauck S 
Delesseria hypoglossum f. recurvata Heydrich P 
Delesseria hypoglossum f. woodwardii (Kützing) Van Heurck P 
Delesseria hypoglossum f. glomerata Chauvin P 
Delesseria hypoglossum var. ovalifolia J.Agardh S 
Delesseria hypoglossum var. incrassata (Turner) Ruprecht P 
Delesseria hypoglossum var. minor (Turner) Ruprecht P 
Delesseria hypoglossum var. spatulifolia Solier U 
Delesseria hypoglossum var. lomentacea (Zanardini) Ardissone S 
Delesseria hypoglossum var. angustifolia (Kützing) Hauck S 
Delesseria hypoglossum var. filiformis Zanardini P 
Delesseria hypoglossum (Woodward) J.V.Lamouroux S 
Delesseria hypoglossum var. crispum (Zanardini) Zanardini P 
Delesseria hypoglossum f. crispa (Zanardini) P.L.Crouan & H.M.Crouan S 
Delesseria hypoglossum var. angustissima J.Agardh P 
Delesseria hypoglossum f. angustifolia (Kützing) Van Heurck P 
Delesseria imbricata Areschoug S 
Delesseria intermedia J.Agardh C 
Delesseria interrupta C.Agardh S 
Delesseria involvens Harvey S 
Delesseria juergensii (J.Agardh) J.Agardh P 
Delesseria kurilensis Ruprecht S 
Delesseria lacepedeana Reinbold U 
Delesseria lacera J.V.Lamouroux P 
Delesseria lacerata (S.G.Gmelin) C.Agardh S 
Delesseria lacerata var. granatea (J.V.Lamouroux) Chevallier S 
Delesseria lacerata var. uncinata (Turner) C.Agardh S 
Delesseria laciniata Kützing S 
Delesseria lancifolia var. minor Laing S 
Delesseria lancifolia J.Agardh S 
Delesseria larsenii Skottsberg S 
Delesseria laurifolia (J.Agardh) Kylin S 
Delesseria leiphaemia (Montagne) M.A.Howe U 
Delesseria leprieurii Montagne S 
Delesseria leprieurii var. polychotoma Okamura P 
Delesseria leprieurii var. subfasciculata Okamura P 
Delesseria ligulata var. minor S.F.Gray P 
Delesseria ligulata var. incrassifolia S.F.Gray P 
Delesseria ligulata Gray S 
Delesseria ligulata Reinsch S 
Delesseria linearis Laing S 
Delesseria lingulata Duby P 
Delesseria lobata J.V.Lamouroux P 
Delesseria lomentacea Zanardini S 
Delesseria lyallii J.D.Hooker & Harvey S 
Delesseria macloviana Skottsberg C 
Delesseria marginifera J.Agardh S 
Delesseria membranifolia (Turner) J.V.Lamouroux P 
Delesseria microdonthum J.Agardh S 
Delesseria middendorffii Ruprecht S 
Delesseria minor Baardseth C 
Delesseria minuta Kützing P 
Delesseria mnioides Harvey P 
Delesseria montagneana J.Agardh S 
Delesseria montagnei var. angustifolia (Lyngbye) Rosenvinge S 
Delesseria montagnei f. rostrata (Lyngbye) Kjellman S 
Delesseria montagnei var. rostrata (Lyngbye) Rosenvinge S 
Delesseria montagnei Kjellman S 
Delesseria nana Schousboe P 
Delesseria nereifolia Harvey S 
Delesseria nervosa (A.P.de Candolle) J.V.Lamouroux S 
Delesseria ocellata (J.V.Lamouroux) J.V.Lamouroux S 
Delesseria oppositifolia Harvey P 
Delesseria oppositifolium Harvey S 
Delesseria opuntioides J.Agardh C 
Delesseria ovifolia Kützing S 
Delesseria palmata (Linnaeus) J.V.Lamouroux S 
Delesseria palmetta (Stackhouse) J.V.Lamouroux S 
Delesseria papenfussii M.J.Wynne S 
Delesseria papyracea Schousboe P 
Delesseria parisiensis Wat. P 
Delesseria penicillata Zanardini S 
Delesseria peruviana Montagne S 
Delesseria phylloloma Montagne S 
Delesseria phyllophora J.Agardh S 
Delesseria platycarpa (Turner) J.V.Lamouroux S 
Delesseria pleurospora Harvey P 
Delesseria plocamium var. costata C.Agardh S 
Delesseria plocamium var. procera C.Agardh S 
Delesseria plocamium C.Agardh S 
Delesseria plocamium var. uncinata C.Agardh S 
Delesseria polydactyla Reinsch S 
Delesseria pontica K.N.Deckenbach C 
Delesseria pristoides (Turner) J.V.Lamouroux S 
Delesseria propinqua J.Agardh S 
Delesseria protendens J.Agardh S 
Delesseria pseudopalmata (J.V.Lamouroux) J.V.Lamouroux S 
Delesseria punctata (Stackhouse) C.Agardh S 
Delesseria pusilla Schousboe P 
Delesseria pygmaea (G.Martens) Prain S 
Delesseria quercifolia Bory de Saint-Vincent S 
Delesseria quercifolia var. linearis Collins P 
Delesseria quercifolia var. linearis (F.S.Collins) Collins P 
Delesseria radicosa Okamura S 
Delesseria ramentacea C.Agardh S 
Delesseria revoluta Harvey S 
Delesseria rhodantha Harvey S 
Delesseria rigida Kützing S 
Delesseria rossica E.S.Sinova S 
Delesseria rostrata (Lyngbye) J.Agardh S 
Delesseria rubens (Hudson) P 
Delesseria ruscifolia var. firmior J.Agardh P 
Delesseria ruscifolia (Turner) J.V.Lamouroux S 
Delesseria ruscifolia var. minor (Turner) C.Agardh S 
Delesseria ruscifolia var. minor S.F.Gray P 
Delesseria saccata J.V.Lamouroux P 
Delesseria salicifolia Reinsch S 
Delesseria sandriana Zanardini S 
Delesseria sanguinea (Hudson) J.V.Lamouroux C - type
Delesseria sanguinea var. lanceolata C.Agardh S 
Delesseria sanguinea var. latifolia Carmichael S 
Delesseria sanguinea var. lancifolia J.D.Hooker & Harvey S 
Delesseria sanguinea var. ligulata Kützing P 
Delesseria sanguinea f. lanceolata (C.Agardh) Levring C 
Delesseria sanguinea f. filiformis Levring S 
Delesseria schousboei J.Agardh S 
Delesseria serrata Postels & Ruprecht S 
Delesseria serratodentata Skottsberg S 
Delesseria serrulata Harvey S 
Delesseria serrulata Harvey S 
Delesseria similans J.Agardh S 
Delesseria sinuosa var. incrassata (Turner) S.F.Gray P 
Delesseria sinuosa f. lingulata (C.Agardh) Foslie P 
Delesseria sinuosa f. quercifolia (Turner) Foslie P 
Delesseria sinuosa f. typica Kjellman P 
Delesseria sinuosa J.V.Lamouroux S 
Delesseria sinuosa f. angusta Kjellman S 
Delesseria sinuosa var. quercifolia (Turner) C.Agardh S 
Delesseria sinuosa var. lingulata C.Agardh S 
Delesseria sinuosa f. sublinearis Rosenvinge S 
Delesseria sinuosa var. ciliata Lyngbye S 
Delesseria sinuosa f. quercifolius (Turner) Kjellman S 
Delesseria sobolifera (M.Vahl) J.V.Lamouroux S 
Delesseria spathulata Sonder S 
Delesseria spermophora (Turner) J.V.Lamouroux P 
Delesseria spinulosa (Ruprecht) J.Agardh P 
Delesseria spiralis J.V.Lamouroux S 
Delesseria stephanocarpa (A.Gepp & E.S.Gepp) Skottsberg S 
Delesseria stiriata (Turner) J.V.Lamouroux P 
Delesseria subcostata (J.Agardh) J.Agardh S 
Delesseria subdichotoma J.Agardh P 
Delesseria subtilis Grunow C 
Delesseria tasmanica Mueller ex Harvey S 
Delesseria tenerrima Greville P 
Delesseria tenuifolia Harvey S 
Delesseria ulvoides (Turner) C.Agardh C 
Delesseria undulata J.Agardh S 
Delesseria uschakovii A.D.Zinova S 
Delesseria venosa (Turner) J.V.Lamouroux S 
Delesseria vieillardii (Kützing) Zanardini P 
Delesseria violacea J.Agardh S 
Delesseria woodii J.Agardh S 
Delesseria zanzibariensis K.I.Goebel S 

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