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Halymenia C.Agardh, 1817, nom. cons.

Empire Eukaryota
Kingdom Plantae
Subkingdom Biliphyta
Phylum Rhodophyta
Subphylum Eurhodophytina
Class Florideophyceae
Subclass Rhodymeniophycidae
Order Halymeniales
Family Halymeniaceae

Lectotype species: Halymenia floresii (Clemente) C.Agardh

Original publication:Agardh, C.A. (1817). Synopsis algarum Scandinaviae, adjecta dispositione universali algarum. pp. [i]-xl, [1]-135. Lundae [Lund]: Ex officina Berlingiana.
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Type designated in Schmitz, F. (1889). Systematische Übersicht der bisher bekannten Gattungen der Florideen. Flora oder Allgemeine botanische Zeitung 72: 435-456, pl. XXI.
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Taxonomic status: currently recognized as a distinct genus.

Gender: This genus name is currently treated as feminine.

Most recent taxonomic treatment adopted: Schneider, C.W. & Wynne, M.J. (2007). A synoptic review of the classification of red algal genera a half a century after Kylin's "Die Gattungen der Rhodophyceen". Botanica Marina 50: 197-249.

Description: Cylindrical, compressed or foliose, lanceolate to orbiculate, entire, cleft, forked or proliferous, distinctly stipitate. Holdfast a basal disc. Soft-gelatinous to firm. Medulla often with few filaments, some stellate, some refractive, rhizoids crossing from cortex to cortex. Cortical cells more or less isodiametric, progressively smaller toward cuticle. Monoecious, where known. Female reproductive structures in ampullae, with three to four orders of branches. Carpogonial branch 2-celled, intercalary on primary or secondary ampullar filament. Connecting filaments issuing directly from fertilized carpogonium or from fusion cell including hypogynous and other ampullar branch cells and contacting a succession of auxiliary cells in separate ampullae. Gonimoblast initial directed outwardly. Small auxiliary fusion cell formed. Cystocarp compact, embedded, of many small carposporangia. Pericarp and carpostome present. Spermatangia superficial, cut off by oblique walls. Tetrasporophyte isomorphic. Tetrasporangia small, cruciate, scattered in cortex.

Information contributed by: S.C. Lindstrom & J.A. Lewis. The most recent alteration to this page was made on 19 Oct 2015 by M.D. Guiry.

Comments: Widely distributed in warm temperate to tropical seas.

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Numbers of names and species: There are 193 species (and infraspecific) names in the database at present, of which 76 have been flagged as currently accepted taxonomically.

Names: ('C' indicates a name that is currently accepted taxonomically; 'S' a homotypic or heterotypic synonym; 'U' indicates a name of uncertain taxonomic status, but which has been subjected to some verification nomenclaturally; 'P' indicates a preliminary AlgaeBase entry that has not been subjected to any kind of verification. For more information on a species click on it to activate a link to the Species database):

Halymenia abyssicola E.Y.Dawson C 
Halymenia actinophysa M.Howe C 
Halymenia acuminata (Holmes) J.Agardh S 
Halymenia agardhii De Toni S 
Halymenia algeriensis Montagne S 
Halymenia amoena Bory de Saint-Vincent S 
Halymenia angusta (J.Agardh) De Toni C 
Halymenia arachnophylloidea Weber-van Bosse C 
Halymenia asymmetrica Gargiulo, de Masi & Tripodi C 
Halymenia australis (Sonder) Sonder S 
Halymenia bermudensis Collins & M.Howe S 
Halymenia bifida E.Y.Dawson C 
Halymenia botryoides Richard C 
Halymenia brasiliana S.M.P.B.Guimarães & M.T.Fujii C 
Halymenia californica G.M.Smith & Hollenberg C 
Halymenia carnosa var. dentata (Suhr) Kützing S 
Halymenia cavernicola Giaccone S 
Halymenia cerratei C.O.Acleto C 
Halymenia ceylanica Harvey ex Kützing S 
Halymenia chiangiana I.A.Abbott & Kraft C 
Halymenia chondricola var. elongata Sonder C 
Halymenia chondricola Sonder S 
Halymenia chondriopsidea J.Agardh S 
Halymenia clathrata E.C.Oliveira, Pinheiro-Vieira & R.E.Norris C 
Halymenia claviformis Suhr C 
Halymenia cliftonii Harvey S 
Halymenia coccinea (Harvey) I.A.Abbott S 
Halymenia cordata (Turner) C.Agardh S 
Halymenia corinaldii Meneghini C 
Halymenia cromwellii I.A.Abbott C 
Halymenia curvicornis J.Agardh C 
Halymenia cyclocolpa Montagne S 
Halymenia decipiens J.Agardh S 
Halymenia dentata Suhr S 
Halymenia dichotoma (J.Agardh) Montagne S 
Halymenia dichotoma var. maior Ercegovic S 
Halymenia dichotoma (J.Agardh) J.Agardh S 
Halymenia digitata J.Agardh S 
Halymenia dilatata Zanardini C 
Halymenia doryphora Montagne S 
Halymenia dubia Bory de Saint-Vincent C 
Halymenia dubyi Chauvin ex Duby S 
Halymenia duchassaingii (J.Agardh) Kylin C 
Halymenia durvillei var. denudata Weber-van Bosse C 
Halymenia durvillei var. formosa (Harvey ex Kützing) Reinbold S 
Halymenia durvillei var. ceylanica (Harvey ex Kützing) Weber-van Bosse S 
Halymenia durvillei Bory de Saint-Vincent C 
Halymenia durvillei var. edentata Weber-van Bosse C 
Halymenia durvillei var. fimbriata Zanardini C 
Halymenia echinophysa Collins & M.Howe C 
Halymenia edulis var. media C.Agardh S 
Halymenia edulis (Stackhouse) C.Agardh S 
Halymenia elongata var. plana (Codomier) Cremades C 
Halymenia elongata var. decipiens (J.Agardh) Cremades C 
Halymenia elongata C.Agardh C 
Halymenia elongata Kützing C 
Halymenia fasciata Bory de Saint-Vincent C 
Halymenia fastigiata Bory de Saint-Vincent S 
Halymenia fastigiata J.Agardh S 
Halymenia filiformis (Hornemann) C.Agardh S 
Halymenia filiformis var. tenuis C.Agardh C 
Halymenia filiformis var. incrassata (O.F.Müller) C.Agardh S 
Halymenia fimbriata Zanardini C 
Halymenia fimbriata (Zanardini) Aleem S 
Halymenia flabellata F.Schmitz C 
Halymenia floresii subsp. harveyana (J.Agardh) Womersley & Lewis S 
Halymenia floresii var. angusta C.Agardh S 
Halymenia floresii (Clemente) C.Agardh C - type
Halymenia floresii var. pinnata Codomier C 
Halymenia floresii var. ulvoidea Codomier C 
Halymenia floridana J.Agardh C 
Halymenia foeniculacea (Hudson) C.Agardh S 
Halymenia foliacea W.R.Taylor C 
Halymenia formosa Harvey ex Kützing C 
Halymenia furcellata var. subcosta J.Agardh S 
Halymenia furcellata var. capensis C.Agardh S 
Halymenia furcellata (Turner) C.Agardh S 
Halymenia furcellata var. cartilaginea C.Agardh C 
Halymenia gardneri (Kylin) P.G.Parkinson C 
Halymenia gelinaria Collins & M.Howe S 
Halymenia hakalauensis Tilden S 
Halymenia hancockii W.R.Taylor C 
Halymenia harveyana J.Agardh C 
Halymenia hawaiiana Hernández-Kantún & A.R.Sherwood C 
Halymenia heterocarpa Chuvin ex Duby S 
Halymenia hollenbergii I.A.Abbott C 
Halymenia hvarii Ercegovic C 
Halymenia imbricata Dickie C 
Halymenia incrustans J.Agardh S 
Halymenia incurvata Suhr S 
Halymenia integra M.Howe & W.R.Taylor C 
Halymenia iyoensis Yagi S 
Halymenia jelinekii Grunow C 
Halymenia jensenii Weber-van Bosse C 
Halymenia kallymenioides Harvey S 
Halymenia kraftii Womersley & J.A.Lewis C 
Halymenia kuetzingii A.J.K.Millar C 
Halymenia lacerata Sonder C 
Halymenia lanceola J.Agardh S 
Halymenia lapathifolia Kützing S 
Halymenia latifolia P.Crouan & H.Crouan ex Kützing C 
Halymenia latifolia var. trabeculata (Ercegovic) Codomier S 
Halymenia latissima J.D.Hooker & Harvey S 
Halymenia leiphaemia Montagne S 
Halymenia ligulata (Woodward) C.Agardh S 
Halymenia ligulata var. latifolia S 
Halymenia limensis (Kützing) Sonder S 
Halymenia lobata Meneghini S 
Halymenia lubrica Suhr C 
Halymenia maculata J.Agardh C 
Halymenia malaysiana P.-L.Tan, P.-E.Lim, Showe M.Lin & S.-M.Phang C 
Halymenia marginata Rousell S 
Halymenia megaspora E.Y.Dawson C 
Halymenia membranacea Harvey S 
Halymenia microcarpa (Montagne) P.C.Silva C 
Halymenia mirabilis D.L.Ballantine & H.Ruiz C 
Halymenia monnardiana Montagne S 
Halymenia mucosa Ercegovic S 
Halymenia muelleri Sonder C 
Halymenia multifida J.Agardh S 
Halymenia multifida Zanardini C 
Halymenia naegelii Kützing C 
Halymenia nicaeensis J.V.Lamouroux ex Duby S 
Halymenia novae-zelandiae Montagne S 
Halymenia nukuhivensis N'Yuert & Payri C 
Halymenia palmata var. delicatula (Gunnerus) C.Agardh S 
Halymenia palmata var. prolifera Postels & Ruprecht C 
Halymenia palmata var. sarniensis (Roth) C.Agardh S 
Halymenia palmata (Linnaeus) C.Agardh S 
Halymenia palmata var. concatenata C.Agardh S 
Halymenia palmata var. marginifera (Turner) C.Agardh S 
Halymenia palmata var. laciniata (Wahlenberg) C.Agardh S 
Halymenia palmata var. simplex C.Agardh S 
Halymenia palmetta (Stackhouse) J.V.Lamouroux S 
Halymenia palmetta var. ellisiae Duby S 
Halymenia patens J.Agardh S 
Halymenia pennata P.Crouan & H.Crouan S 
Halymenia pickeana (Dickie) J.Agardh S 
Halymenia pinnulata C.Agardh S 
Halymenia plana Zanardini C 
Halymenia platycarpa (Harvey ex Grunow) J.Agardh C 
Halymenia platyna C.Agardh S 
Halymenia platynus C.Agardh S 
Halymenia pluriloba Ercegovic C 
Halymenia polyclada var. aldabradensis Weber-van Bosse C 
Halymenia polyclada A.Gepp & E.S.Gepp C 
Halymenia polydactyla Børgesen S 
Halymenia porphyraeformis Parkinson C 
Halymenia porphyroides Børgesen C 
Halymenia pseudofloresii Collins & M.Howe C 
Halymenia purpurascens var. crispata Greville S 
Halymenia pusilla Sonder C 
Halymenia ramentacea var. simplicior C.Agardh S 
Halymenia ramentacea (Linnaeus) C.Agardh S 
Halymenia ramentacea var. coriacea C.Agardh S 
Halymenia refugiensis E.Y.Dawson C 
Halymenia reniformis (Turner) C.Agardh S 
Halymenia reptans Suhr S 
Halymenia rhodymenioides Ercegovic C 
Halymenia rodrigueziana Feldmann S 
Halymenia rosacea J.Agardh S 
Halymenia rosea M.Howe & W.R.Taylor C 
Halymenia rotunda Okamura S 
Halymenia saccata var. simplex C.Agardh C 
Halymenia saccata (Lepechin) C.Agardh S 
Halymenia saccata Harvey S 
Halymenia santamariae W.R.Taylor C 
Halymenia schizymenioides Hollenberg & I.A.Abbott C 
Halymenia senegalensis M.Bodard S 
Halymenia sinensis C.K.Tseng & C.F.Chang S 
Halymenia sobolifera (M.Vahl) C.Agardh S 
Halymenia spathulata J.Agardh S 
Halymenia speciosa Zanardini S 
Halymenia stipitata I.A.Abbott C 
Halymenia templetonii (Setchell & N.L.Gardner) I.A.Abbott S 
Halymenia tenera M.Howe C 
Halymenia tenuispina Kützing C 
Halymenia tondoana O.DeClerck & Hernández-Kantún C 
Halymenia trabeculata Ercegovic S 
Halymenia trigona var. decipiens (J.Agardh) Codomier S 
Halymenia trigona var. plana Codomier S 
Halymenia trigona (Clemente) C.Agardh S 
Halymenia ulvoidea (Sonder) Kützing S 
Halymenia ulvoidea Zanardini S 
Halymenia urvilleana Montagne S 
Halymenia usnea (R.Brown ex Turner) Greville S 
Halymenia utriana W.R.Taylor C 
Halymenia variegata Bory de Saint-Vincent S 
Halymenia ventricosa (J.V.Lamouroux) C.Agardh S 
Halymenia ventricosa Zanardini U 
Halymenia venusta Børgesen C 
Halymenia verruculosa (Bertoloni) Duby S 
Halymenia vinacea M.Howe & W.R.Taylor C 

Some of the descriptions included in AlgaeBase were originally from the unpublished Encyclopedia of Algal Genera, organised in the 1990s by Dr Bruce Parker on behalf of the Phycological Society of America (PSA) and intended to be published in CD format. These AlgaeBase descriptions are now being continually updated, and each current contributor is identified above. The PSA and AlgaeBase warmly acknowledge the generosity of all past and present contributors and particularly the work of Dr Parker.

Descriptions of chrysophyte genera were subsequently published in J. Kristiansen & H.R. Preisig (eds.). 2001. Encyclopedia of Chrysophyte Genera. Bibliotheca Phycologica 110: 1-260.

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