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Cortex a Latin word meaning, bark, rind, or tree; in botany the term cortex (plural cortices) means, the outer tissue regions of a thallus (with or without an enclosing epidermis) that contains photosynthetic pigments and is usually characterized by a dense compacting of its component elements that may be either cellular or filamentous
Pseudocortex in certain algae, a tissue of secondary branches appressed to the stem or cells in the same position
Secondary cortex the production of an outer cortical layer, often by the downgrowth of external filaments or proliferation- e.g. the brown alga Cladostephus
Subcortex the inner part of the cortex, differing somewhat from the cortex (e.g. in Chordariaceae, Phaeophyta); in the Dasycladales (Seletonelleae, Chlorophyta), the term refers to a platelike mosaic forming a complete calcareous wall; the individual plants are topped with primary laterals that are ensheated in lime

4 Found - Displaying 1 through 4

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