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Hydrolithon onkodes (Heydrich) Penrose & Woelkerling

Empire Eukaryota
Kingdom Plantae
Subkingdom Biliphyta
Phylum Rhodophyta
Subphylum Eurhodophytina
Class Florideophyceae
Subclass Corallinophycidae
Order Corallinales
Family Hydrolithaceae
Subfamily Hydrolithoideae
Genus Hydrolithon


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Hydrolithon onkodes (Heydrich) Penrose & Woelkerling
Atlantic North of Spain, 2008. 24 Dec 2016. Ignacio Bárbara. © Ignacio Bárbara (barbara@udc.es).

Hydrolithon onkodes (Heydrich) Penrose & Woelkerling
Palau Islands, West Pacific. Hideo Ohba. © Palau International Coral Reef Center.

Hydrolithon onkodes (Heydrich) Penrose & Woelkerling
Palau Islands, West Pacific, 5 m deep. 03 Dec 2004. Hideo Ohba. © Palau International Coral Reef Center.

Hydrolithon onkodes (Heydrich) Penrose & Woelkerling
Palau Islands, West Pacific, 3 m deep at outer reef edge. 19 Nov 2002. Hideo Ohba. © Palau International Coral Reef Center.

Hydrolithon onkodes (Heydrich) Penrose & Woelkerling
Palau Islands, West Pacific, 5 m deep at outer reef edge. 19 Nov 2002. Hideo Ohba. © Palau International Coral Reef Center.

Hydrolithon onkodes (Heydrich) Penrose & Woelkerling
Hawaii; scale 10 mm. 01 Jul 2011. J.M. Huisman. © J.M. Huisman.

Hydrolithon onkodes (Heydrich) Penrose & Woelkerling
Scott Reef, Western Australia. 25 May 2011. John Huisman. © John Huisman (j.huisman@murdoch.edu.au).

Hydrolithon onkodes (Heydrich) Penrose & Woelkerling
Hydrolithon onkodes Cakaulevu Reef Plants. 08 Dec 2004. Peter Skelton. © ORDA and Peter Skelton (skeltonp@bigpond.net.au).


Curdiea racovitzae Hariot

Hydrolithon onkodes (Heydrich) Penrose & Woelkerling Scott Reef, Western Australia
© John Huisman (j.huisman@murdoch.edu.au)

Publication details
Hydrolithon onkodes (Heydrich) Penrose & Woelkerling 1992: 83, figs 4, 5

Published in: Penrose, D. & Woelkerling, W.J. (1992). A reappraisal of Hydrolithon and its relationship to Spongites (Corallinaceae, Rhodophyta). Phycologia 31: 81-88, 7 figs.

Type species
The type species (lectotype) of the genus Hydrolithon is Hydrolithon reinboldii (Weber Bosse & Foslie) Foslie.

Status of name
This name is currently regarded as a synonym of Porolithon onkodes (Heydrich) Foslie

Lithothamnion onkodes Heydrich

Type information
Type locality: Tami Island, Gulf of Huon, Papua New Guinea (Woelkerling 1998: 357). Lectotype: Bamler; March 1892; TRH A26-1494; Heydrich no. 97; designated by Adey et al., 1982: 9 (Woelkerling 1998: 357). Notes: Isolectotype: PC, unnumbered, General Herbarium box collection (non-fossil; filed in non-geniculate coralline type collections cabinet under basionym).

Heterotypic Synonym(s)
Lithophyllum onkodes f. subramosum Foslie 1907
Lithophyllum funduense Pilger 1908
Lithophyllum onkodes f. funduense (Pilger) Foslie 1909
Porolithon hanzawai Ishijima 1954

Distributional notes
According to Womersley (1996) this species is known from numerous subtropical and tropical localities including New Guinea, northern Australia, subtropical and tropical W. Aust. (see Penrose, 1990).

General environment
This is a marine species.

Essentially a tropical species; reef edge or pools; reef top in surf; 0.5-3 m deep (Womersley 1996: 263).

Detailed distribution with sources
(as Lithophyllum onkodes f. funduense (Pilger) Foslie)
Africa: Tanzania (incl. Zanzibar) (Silva, Basson & Moe 1996).

(as Hydrolithon onkodes (Heydrich) Penrose & Woelkerling)
Atlantic Islands: Azores (Parente), Canary Islands (Womersley 1996, Haroun et al. 2002, Gil-Rodríguez et al. 2003, John et al. 2004, Anon. 2011), Cape Verde Islands (John et al. 2004, Prud'homme van Reine, Haroun & Kostermans 2005).

Central America: Costa Rica (Womersley 1996, Fernández-García et al. 2011).

Caribbean Islands: Cuba (Womersley 1996).

South America: Chile (Womersley 1996).

Africa: Djibouti (Silva, Basson & Moe 1996), Ghana (John et al. 2004, Smith, Smith & Nii Yemoh Annang 2015), Kenya (Silva, Basson & Moe 1996, Womersley 1996, Bolton, Oyieke & Gwanda 2007), Madagascar (Silva, Basson & Moe 1996), Mauritius (Silva, Basson & Moe 1996), São Tomé & Príncipe (John et al. 2004), Somalia (Silva, Basson & Moe 1996), South Africa (Silva, Basson & Moe 1996), Tanzania (incl. Zanzibar) (Silva, Basson & Moe 1996).

Indian Ocean Islands: Chagos Archipelago (Silva, Basson & Moe 1996), Comoros and Mayotte (Silva, Basson & Moe 1996), Diego Garcia Atoll (Silva, Basson & Moe 1996), Laccadive Islands (Silva, Basson & Moe 1996), Maldives (Silva, Basson & Moe 1996), Réunion (Silva, Basson & Moe 1996), Seychelles (Silva, Basson & Moe 1996).

South-west Asia: India (Silva, Basson & Moe 1996, Sahoo et al. 2001), Sri Lanka (Silva, Basson & Moe 1996, Womersley 1996).

Asia: China (Womersley 1996, Liu 2008, Xia 2013), China (Hainan Island) (Titlyanova, Titlyanov & Kalita 2014, Titlyanov et al. 2016), Japan (Yoshida 1998, Kato et al. 2011).

South-east Asia: Indonesia (Verheij & Prud'homme van Reine 1993, Silva, Basson & Moe 1996, Atmadja & Prud'homme van Reine 2012), Tuvalu (Womersley 1996).

Australia and New Zealand: Houtman Abrolhos (Huisman 1997), New Guinea (Penrose & Woelkerling 1992), New South Wales (Bailey, Gabel & Freshwater 2004), New Zealand (Nelson 2012), Papua New Guinea (Womersley 1996), Queensland (Ringeltaube & Harvey 2000, Phillips 2002, Bostock & Holland 2010), Western Australia (Penrose & Woelkerling 1992, Penrose 1996, Huisman et al. 2009).

Pacific Islands: Central Polynesia (Tsuda & Walsh 2013), Federated States of Micronesia (Lobban & Tsuda 2003, Lobban & Tsuda 2003), Fiji (N'Yeurt, South & Keats 1996, South & Skelton 2003), French Polynesia (Womersley 1996, Payri, N'Yeurt & Orempuller 2000, N'Yeurt & Payri 2010), Guam (Lobban & Tsuda 2003), Hawaiian Islands (HI) (Womersley 1996, Tribollet et al 2006, Huisman, Abbott & Smith 2007), Line Islands (Tsuda & Fisher 2012), Mariana Islands (Tsuda 2003), New Caledonia (Payri 2007), Republic of Palau (Ohba et al 2007), Samoa (Skelton & South 2007), Samoan Archipelago (Skelton & South 1999), Solomon Islands (Womersley 1996).

Source of current name
Maneveldt, G.W. & Keats, D.W. (2014). Taxonomic review based on new data of the reef-building alga Porolithon onkodes (Corallinaceae, Corallinales, Rhodophyta) along with other taxa found to be conspecific. Phytotaxa 190(1): 216-249, 67 fig., 2 tables.

Key references
Bailey, J.C., Gabel, J.E. & Freshwater, D.W. (2004). Nuclear 18S rRNA gene sequence analyses indicate that the Mastophoroideae (Corallinaceae, Rhodophyta) is a polyphyletic taxon. Phycologia 43: 3-12.

Huisman, J.M., Abbott, I.A., Smith, C.M. (2007). Hawaiian reef plants. pp. [1]-264, numerous colour photographs. Honolulu: A publication of the University of Hawai'i Sea Grant College Program.

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Penrose, D.L. (1996). Genus Hydrolithon (Foslie) Foslie 1909: 55. In: The Marine benthic flora of South Australia. Rhodophyta. Part IIIB, Gracilariales, Rhodymeniales, Corallinales and Bonnemaisoniales. (Womersley, H.B.S. Eds), pp. 255-266. Canberra: Australian Biological Resources Study.

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Keats, D.W. & Chamberlain, Y.M. (1994). Three species of Hydrolithon (Rhodophyta, Corallinaceae): Hydrolithon onkodes (Heydrich) Penrose and Woelkerling, Hydrolithon superficiale sp. nov., and H. samoënse (Foslie) comb. nov. from South Africa. South African Journal of Botany 60: 8-21, 54 figs.
Keats, D.W. (1995). Lithophyllum cuneatum sp. nov. (Corallinaceae, Rhodophyta), a new species of non-geniculate coralline alga semi-endophytic in Hydrolithon onkodes and Neogoniolithon sp. from Fiji, South Pacific. Phycological Research 43(3): 151-160, 23 figs, 3 tables.
Payri, C.E., Maritorena, S., Bizeau, C. & Rodiére, M. (2001). Photoacclimation in the tropical coralline alga Hydrolithon onkodes (Rhodophyta, Corallinaceae) from a French Polynesian reef. Journal of Phycology 37: 223-234.

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