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Synura uvella Ehrenberg

Empire Eukaryota
Kingdom Chromista
Phylum Ochrophyta
Class Synurophyceae
Order Synurales
Family Synuraceae
Genus Synura


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Synura uvella Ehrenberg
Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA; pond, 200x, DIC. 29 May 2009. Karl Bruun. © Karl Bruun (skogenman@earthlink.net).

Synura uvella Ehrenberg
Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA; pond, 400x, DIC. 29 May 2009. Karl Bruun. © Karl Bruun (skogenman@earthlink.net).

Synura uvella Ehrenberg
Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA; pond, Lugol's, 200x, DIC. 09 Feb 2009. Karl Bruun. © Karl Bruun (skogenman@earthlink.net).


Hecatonema reptans Kylin

Synura uvella Ehrenberg Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA; pond, Lugol's, 200x, DIC
© Karl Bruun (skogenman@earthlink.net)

Publication details
Synura uvella Ehrenberg 1834: 315

Published in: Ehrenberg, C.G. (1834). Beiträge zur physiologischen Kenntniss der Corallenthiere im allgemeinen, und besonders des rothen Meeres, nebst einem Versuche zur physiologischen Systematik derselben. 1. Abhandlungen der Königlichen Akademie Wissenschaften zu Berlin, Physikalische Klasse 1832(1): 225-380.
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Type species
This is the type species (holotype) of the genus Synura.

Status of name
This name is of an entity that is currently accepted taxonomically.

Heterotypic Synonym(s)
Synura reticulata Lemmermann 1904
Synura reticulata var. verrucosa Pascher 1908
Synura uvella f. typica Pascher 1910
Synura uvella var. reticulata (Lemmermann) Pascher 1910
Synura verrucosa Pascher 1913

Taxonomic notes
[Section Synura = section Uvellae Petersen & Hansen, 1956 (Balanov & Kuzmin, 1974); emended diagnosis by Jo et al. 2016: 426)]. - (18 Jan 2017) - Wendy Guiry

General environment
This is a freshwater species.

Emend. Korshikov 1929 ( Jo et al., 2016).

Type information
Type locality: im Wasser eines Grabens bei Belin (Silva 1996-to date). Type: 13 Oct. 1831; (Silva 1996-to date

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Key references
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Andersen, R.A. (1985). The flagellar apparatus of the golden alga Synura uvella: four absolute orientations. Protoplasma 128: 94-106, 50 figs.

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