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Ulva fenestrata Postels & Ruprecht

Empire Eukaryota
Kingdom Plantae
Subkingdom Viridiplantae
Infrakingdom Chlorophyta infrakingdom
Phylum Chlorophyta
Subphylum Chlorophytina
Class Ulvophyceae
Order Ulvales
Family Ulvaceae
Genus Ulva


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Ulva fenestrata Postels & Ruprecht
Northern California. 08 Mar 2011. Wendell Wood (ww@oregonwild.org). © Wendell Wood (ww@oregonwild.org).


Wildemania laciniata (Lightfoot) DeToni

Ulva fenestrata Postels & Ruprecht Northern California
© Wendell Wood (ww@oregonwild.org)

Publication details
Ulva fenestrata Postels & Ruprecht 1840: 21, pl. XXXVII

Published in: Postels, A. & Ruprecht, F. (1840). Illustrationes algarum in itinere circum orbem jussu imperatoris Nicolai I. Atque auspiciis navarchi Friderici Lütke annis 1826, 1827, 1828 et 1829 celoce Seniavin exsecuto in Oceano pacifico, inprimis septemtrionale ad littora rossica asiatico-americana collectarum. pp. [i-vi ], [i]- iv, 1-28 [1-2, index], [Latin:] [-iv], [1]-22, [1-2, index], 40 pls. Petropoli [St. Petersburg]: Typis Eduardi Pratz.

Type species
The type species (holotype) of the genus Ulva is Ulva lactuca Linnaeus.

Status of name
This name is currently regarded as a synonym of Ulva lactuca Linnaeus

No synonyms are currently included in AlgaeBase.

Habitat notes
Subtidal zone to 8 m (Selivanova & Zhigadlova 2009). - (10 May 2010) - Wendy Guiry

General environment
This is a marine species.

Type information
Type locality: Kamchatka Peninsula, Siberia (Silva, Basson & Moe 1996: 745). Type: LE

No distributions recorded
No distributional records for this taxon have been recorded by AlgaeBase to date. Generally, recent national lists or extensive regional or state lists have been employed to give a general indication of distribution.

(as Ulva fenestrata Postels & Ruprecht)
Europe: Turkey (Europe) (Zeybek, Güner & Aysel 1993, Taskin et al. 2008 ).

North America: Alaska (AK) (Lindstrom 1977, Scagel et al. 1989), British Columbia (Scagel et al. 1989), California (CA) (Scagel et al. 1989), Oregon (OR) (Hansen 1997), Washington (WA) (Scagel et al. 1989, Nelson, Nelson & Tjoelker 2003, Van Alstyne, Pelletreau & Rosario 2003, Van Alstyne, Pelletreau & Rosario 2003).

Africa: Somalia (Silva, Basson & Moe 1996).

South-west Asia: India (Silva, Basson & Moe 1996, Sahoo et al. 2001, Gupta 2012), Pakistan (Silva, Basson & Moe 1996), Sri Lanka (Silva, Basson & Moe 1996), Turkey (Asia) (Taskin et al. 2008 ).

Asia: Commander Islands (Selivanova & Zhigadlova 1997), Japan (Yoshida, Nakajima & Nakata 1990, Yoshida 1998, Yoshida, Suzuki & Yoshinaga 2015), Kamchatka (Selivanova & Zhigadlova 2009, Klochkova, Korolyova & Kusidi 2009), Kurile Islands (Nagai 1940), Russia (Khotimchenko & Yakovleva 2004, Kozhenkova 2009), Russia (Far East) (Perestenko 1980, Kloczcova 1996, Selivanova 2002).

South-east Asia: Singapore (Silva, Basson & Moe 1996), Vietnam (Tien 2007).

Source of current name
Hayden, H.S., Blomster, J., Maggs, C.A., Silva, P.C., Stanhope, M.J. & Waaland, J.R. (2003). Linnaeus was right all along: Ulva and Enteromorpha are not distinct genera. European Journal of Phycology 38(3): 277-294.

Key references
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