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Ulva rotundata Bliding

Empire Eukaryota
Kingdom Plantae
Subkingdom Viridiplantae
Infrakingdom Chlorophyta infrakingdom
Phylum Chlorophyta
Subphylum Chlorophytina
Class Ulvophyceae
Order Ulvales
Family Ulvaceae
Genus Ulva


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Ulva rotundata Bliding
From Littler, D.S., M.M. Littler & M.D. Hanisak (2008) Submersed Plants of the Indian River Lagoon. Purchase information. Diane Littler. © Diane Littler (littlerd@si.edu).

Ulva rotundata Bliding
From Littler, D.S., M.M. Littler & M.D. Hanisak (2008) Submersed Plants of the Indian River Lagoon. Purchase information. Diane Littler. © Diane Littler (littlerd@si.edu).

Ulva rotundata Bliding
From Littler, D.S., M.M. Littler & M.D. Hanisak (2008) Submersed Plants of the Indian River Lagoon. Purchase information. Diane Littler. © Diane Littler (littlerd@si.edu).


Ceramium byssoideum Harvey

Ulva rotundata Bliding From Littler, D.S., M.M. Littler & M.D. Hanisak (2008) Submersed Plants of the Indian River Lagoon. Purchase information
© Diane Littler (littlerd@si.edu)

Publication details
Ulva rotundata Bliding 1969: 566, figs 19-22

Published in: Bliding, C. (1969 '1968'). A critical survey of European taxa in Ulvales, Part II. Ulva, Ulvaria, Monostroma, Kornmannia. Botaniska Notiser 121: 535-629, 47 figs.
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Type species
The type species (holotype) of the genus Ulva is Ulva lactuca Linnaeus.

Status of name
This name is currently regarded as a synonym of Ulva pseudorotundata Cormaci, G.Furnari & Alongi

Origin of species name
Adjective (Latin), almost circular, with length breadth ratio of about 6 to 5 (Stearn 1973).

No synonyms are currently included in AlgaeBase.

Nomenclatural notes
Invalid: Cormaci, Furnari & Alongi (2014: 159-160) pointed out that 'Bliding (1969: 566) described Ulva rotundata on the basis of specimens collected at different Mediterranean localities as well from Norway and the Canary Islands, but invalidly because he didn't indicate the Holotypus. In fact, Bliding (op. cit.) simply stated "Holotypus in Bot. Mus. Univ. Lund". Because such a statement indicates merely the existence of a Typus but not what is "the type of the name", agreeing with a restrictive interpretation of Article 40.1 of the Melbourne Code (McNeill et al. 2012), such a name is invalid.' The authors introduced the replacement name Ulva pseudorotundata Cormaci, G.Furnari & Alongi. - (13 Mar 2018) - M.D. Guiry

General environment
This is a marine species.

Type information
Type locality: Italy: Naples (Mergellina harbour) (Silva 1996-to date). Type: Bliding; iv.1958; Herb. Lund (Silva 1996-to date

Detailed distribution with sources
(as Ulva rotundata Bliding)
Europe: Adriatic Sea (Giaccone 1978, Gallardo et al. 1993), Apulia (Bottalico et al. 2016), France (Hoeksema & Hoek 1983, Hoeksema & Hoek 1983, Gallardo et al. 1993, Dizerbo & Herpe 2007, Robic et al. 2009, Anon. 2017), France (Breizh) (Loiseaux-de Goër & Noailles 2008), Greece (Athanasiadis 1987, Gallardo et al. 1993, Tsiamis et al. ), Ireland (Guiry 2012), Italy (Giaccone 1969, Gallardo et al. 1993, Cecere et al. 1996, Furnari, Cormaci & Serio 1999), Spain (Romero Martinengo & Romero Martinengo 1982, Ballesteros 1983, Gallardo et al. 1985, Granja, Cremades & Barbara 1992, Gallardo et al. 1993, Guillermes, Cremades & Pérez-Cirera 1994, Bárbara, Cremades & Pérez-Cirera 1995, Bárbara & Cremades 1996, Calvo, Bárbara & Cremades 1999, Calvo & Bárbara 2002, Bárbara et al. 2005, Peña & Bárbara 2008, Peña & Bárbara 2010, Cires Rodriguez & Cuesta Moliner 2010, Hernández et al. 2010), Spain (incl. Canary Is.) (Gallardo et al. 2016), Veneto (Sfriso 2011).

Atlantic Islands: Canary Islands (Haroun et al. 2002, Gil-Rodríguez et al. 2003, John et al. 2004, Anon. 2011, Afonso-Carrillo 2014).

North America: Florida (FL) (Littler, Littler & Hanisak 2008), Georgia (Schneider & Searles 1991), North Carolina (NC) (Schneider & Searles 1991), South Carolina (SC) (Schneider & Searles 1991), Virginia (VA) (Humm 1979, Schneider & Searles 1991).

Western Atlantic: Trop. & Subtrop. W. Atlantic (Wynne 2017).

South-west Asia: Lebanon (Lakkis 2013).

Source of current name
Cormaci, M., Furnari, G., & Alongi, G. (2014). Flora marina bentonica del Mediterraneo: Chlorophyta. Bollettino dell'Accademia Gioenia di Scienze Naturali di Catania 47: 11-436.

Key references
Hoeksema, B.W. & Hoek, C. van den (1983). The taxonomy of Ulva (Chlorophyceae) from the coastal region of Roscoff (Brittany, France). Botanica Marina 26: 65-86, 31 figs.

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