162,432 species and infraspecific names are in the database, 22,763 images, 64,013 bibliographic items, 475,067 distributional records.

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Bárbara, I., Cremades, J., Calvo, S., López-Rodríguez, M.C. & Dosil, J., 2005

Bárbara, I., Cremades, J., Calvo, S., López-Rodríguez, M.C. & Dosil, J. (2005). Checklist of the benthic marine and brackish Galician algae (NW Spain). Anales del Jardín Botánico de Madrid 62: 69-100.

We present an annotated checklist of the benthic marine and brackish algae of the Galician coasts (Spain) based on literature records and new collections. This checklist includes 618 species: 118 Cyanophyta, 296 Rhodophyta, 127 Ochrophyta, and 77 Chlorophyta. The number of specific, infraspecific taxa, and stages is 643: 121 Cyanophyta, 309 Rhodophyta, 135 Ochrophyta, and 79 Chlorophyta. Hyella caespitosa var. nitida, Calothrix fasciculata, Gracilariopsis longissima, Compsonema minutum, and Sphacelaria tribuloides are new records for Galicia, and there are also some new provincial records. We state the presence of each species for Lugo (Lu), A Coruña (Co), and Pontevedra (Po) provinces. The number of species found in Galicia is high, since 85% of the species recorded for the warm-temperate NE Atlantic Ocean grow in Galicia. Biogeographical comments comparing the Galician data with the neighboring areas of Britain and Ireland, Basque coast, Portugal, southern Iberian Peninsula, Canary Islands and Atlantic coast of Morocco are given. Finally, we present lists of cold-temperate, warm-temperate, Lusitanic Province endemics, and alien species growing in Galicia.

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