162,433 species and infraspecific names are in the database, 22,760 images, 64,011 bibliographic items, 474,997 distributional records.

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Pedroche, F.F., Silva, P.C., Aguilar-Rosas, L.E., Dreckmann, K.M. & Aguilar-Rosas, R., 2005

Pedroche, F.F., Silva, P.C., Aguilar-Rosas, L.E., Dreckmann, K.M. & Aguilar-Rosas, R. (2005). Catálogo de las algas marinas bentónicas del Pacífico de México. I. Chlorophycota. pp. i-viii, 17-146. Ensenada, México: Universidad Autónoma de Baja California.

All records of species and infrapecific taxa of benthic marine algae from Pacific Mexico published after 1847 (the beginning of phycological exploration of the region) have been assembled in a catalogue, of which only the first part, covering Chlorophycota (green algae), is offered at the present time. An attempt was made to include all records of green algae through 2002. Within the Chlorophycota, classes and orders are arranged according to an assumed phylogenetic scheme, whereas families, genera, species, and infraspecific taxa are arranged alphabetically within the next higher taxon. The taxonomic framework takes into account recently published opinions. For each species or infraspecific taxon the accepted name is given, together with its author, place of publication, and type locality. Basionyms, homotypic and heterotypic synonyms, and misapplied names are also given whenever they are appropriate. Authorities for synonomies and misapplied names are given. Records are organized geographically from north to south, representing approximately 270 localities. An alphabetical list of localities with their latitude and longitude is given in an appendix. Within each locality, records are listed chronologically. For each species or infraspecific taxon the first record for Pacific Mexico is noted as well as its worldwide distribution. Taxonomic and nomenclatural notes are provided whenever they are appropriate. The number of species and infraspecific taxa of Chlorophycota in this catalogue is 178, distributed among 9 orders, 20 families, and 41 genera. The number of original records is approximately 1500. Records based solely on previously published records have been omitted. Theses, abstracts, and technical reports were not included. This catalogue is an edited compilation that, with few exceptions, did not entail consultation of herbarium specimens. Numerous records, especially those of species previously known only from the Atlantic or Indian oceans, warrant further investigation. Specimens on which these dubious records are based should be reviewed by a specialist in the appropriate taxonomic group.

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