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Tschaikner, A., Gärtner, G. & Kofler, W., 2008

Tschaikner, A., Gärtner, G. & Kofler, W. (2008). Coelastrella aeroterrestrica sp. nov. (Chlorophyta, Scenedesmoideaea) a new, obviously often overlooked aeroterrestrial species. Algological Studies 128: 11-20.

Several strains of a coccal green alga from soils of Alpine grassland and ski slopes near the village Obergurgl (Tyrol, Austria) were isolated and taken into culture. Investigations on morphology, cytology and reproduction by light- and scanning electron microscopy led to the description of a new species Coelastrella aeroterrestrica, characterized by a fine network of cell wall ribs visible only in SEM and the absence of vacuoles. Comments on the current problems in the taxonomy of related taxa are also dealt with.

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