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Moreira, A., Fujii, M.T., Suárez, A.M. & Wynne, M.J. , 2013

Moreira, A., Fujii, M.T., Suárez, A.M. & Wynne, M.J. (2013). Nuevos registros de clorofitas marinas para Cuba. Revista de Investigación Marina 33(2): 13-16.

Two species of macroalgae (chlorophytes) are newly added to Cuban marine flora, collected in Cienfuegos Bay, Cienfuegos province and Santa Lucia Bay, Pinar del Río province: Cladophora blomquistii C. Hoek, and Udotea fibrosa D.S. Littler & M.M. Littler. C. blomquistii represents a new record for the Caribbean region; this taxon was previously known only from coastal lagoons from the west coast of Florida, the northeastern corner of the Gulf of Mexico. Comments about taxonomy, ecology and biogeography of the involved taxa are also discussed in this paper.

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