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Wołowski, K. & Kowalska, J., 2009

Wołowski, K. & Kowalska, J. (2009). Eugleniny i inne glony we fl orze jesiennej stawu w Ogrodzie Botanicznym Uniwersytetu Jagiello?skiego [Autumnal fl ora of euglenophytes and other algae in the pond of the Botanical Garden in Kraków]. Fragmenta Floristica et Geobotanica Polonica 16(1): 145-154, 55 figs.

The autumnal (2005, 2006) fl ora of algae in the pond of the Botanical Garden in Kraków consisted together of 56 taxa, among them: euglenophytes – 27 taxa, green algae – 21, cyanoprokaryotes – 3, single taxa of diatoms, chrysophytes, dinophytes and a red alga. Euglenophytes were the most variably and abundantly occurring group which was represented by: 6 taxa of Euglena, 5 of Lepocinclis, 5 of Phacus, 1 of Strombomonas and 10 of Trachelomonas. Among all the reported taxa two, Strombomonas praeliaris (Palmer) Defl andre var. nana (Palmer) Defl andre (Euglenophyta), and Phaeothamnion polychrysis Pascher (Chrysophyceae), were new to Polish fl ora. Rare taxa to Polish fl ora were: euglenophytes Lepocinclis globula Perty and L. playfairiana Defl andre, a green alga (Zygnematophyceae) Actinotaenium diplosporum (P. Lundell) Teiling var. diplosporum and a red alga (Rhodophyta) Chroodactylon ornatum (C. Agardh) Basson. Differences between the previous (1926) and the present algal assemblages are presented. First time for this pond original LM and SEM microphotographs of chosen taxa are given.

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