161,869 species and infraspecific names are in the database, 22,723 images, 63,720 bibliographic items, 473,751 distributional records.

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Hindák, F. & Hindáková, A., 2016

Hindák, F. & Hindáková, A. (2016). Algae. In: Zoznam nižších a vyšších rastlín Slovenska [List of lower and upper plants of Slovakia]. Version 1.1. Link. . Slovakia: On-line list.

Algae by Francis Hindák, Alica Hindáková.

The present list of vascular and vascular plants of Slovakia 's first attempt at a comprehensive list of previously registered representatives of Slovak flora. The aim of the editors and authors was to create work as a single tool for those who work with plants not only in the field of systematic botany and taxonomy, but also in phytocoenology, nature conservation, landscape ecology and other botanical and biological disciplines. We were included in the list except for the right plant names and synonyms used in our older scientific literature, or literature of neighboring countries allowing non-specialists and easier to navigate in the nomenclature. The list is also the latest version of the Red List of flora of Slovakia and Slovak names overview of lower and higher plants. While for cyanobacteria and algae, lichens and bryophytes are already published individual partial lists, in the case of fungi is the first such inventory.

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