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Poulin, M., Hamilton, P.B. & Proulx, M., 1995

Poulin, M., Hamilton, P.B. & Proulx, M. (1995). Catalogue des algues d'eau douce du Qu├ębec, Canada. The Canadian Field-Naturalist 109: 27-110.

Publication Date:
"January-March 1995"

A catalogue of the freshwater algae is reported from the Province of Quebec since its first phycological sampling. The most highly botanized regions are Montreal, Laurentides, Trois-Rivieres and James Bay territory. The flora consists of 2947 taxa belonging to 419 genera, with the main algal divisions represented by the Chlorophyta (1692 taxa), Bacillariophyta (646 taxa) and Cyanophyta (269 taxa) accounting for 88% of the total. Sixteen new nomenclatural combinations are proposed: Brachysira zellensis var. linearis (Otr.) Poulin, Catenochrysis synuroidea (Prowse) Poulin, Diadesmis contenta var. parallela (Petersen) Hamilton, Fragilariforma virescens var. capitata (Ostr.) Poulin, Gomphoneis olivacea var. calcarea (Cleve) Poulin, Pseudostaurosira brevistriata var. inflata (Pant.) Poulin, Sellaphora pupula f. capitata (Skvortzow and Meyer) Poulin, Sellaphora pupula var. elliptica (Hust.) Poulin, Sellaphora pupula var. mutata (Krasske) Poulin, Staurosira construens var. triundulata (Reichelt ex Hartz and Ostr.) Hamilton, Staurosirella leptostauron var. dubia (Grun.) Poulin, Staurosirella pinnata var. lancettula (Schumann) Poulin, Urosolenia eriensis var. morsa (W. and G.S. West) Poulin, Xanthidium bucerium (Ir.-Mar.) Poulin, Xanthidium octocorne var. mamillatum (Scott and Gronbl.) Poulin, and Xanthidium octocorne var. tenue (Ir.-Mar.) Poulin.

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