161,060 species and infraspecific names are in the database, 22,719 images, 62,646 bibliographic items, 473,224 distributional records.

Bibliographic Detail

Zotov, A.B., 2018

Zotov, A.B. (2018). [Unification of calculation the volume of alga for phytoplankton of the Black Sea to the standards of the EU Marine Strategy]. Algologia 28(2): 208-232. [in Russian]

1512 taxa in the list. Most of which have been added to the Black Sea list.

The results of unification of methods for estimating the biovolume of 1515 species are given of unicellular algae of the Black Sea with EC standards. These methods designed to solve the problem of comparability that arises in the calculation biomass of phytoplankton communities. The method of calculating the biovolume of unicellular organisms phytoplankton algae is considered as a methodological approach, having a direct impact on the results of monitoring and determining the accuracy of the assessment of the ecological status of the aquatic environment. The necessity of standardization of conformities of the form of cages is substantiated geometric figures for lists of unicellular algae seas ES and Black Sea, which helps to implement the criteria of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive at the national level.

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