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Genus Genus authority Phylum Family
Actinobotrys West & G.S.West Chlorophyta Palmellaceae
Chamaebotrys J.M.Huisman Rhodophyta Rhodymeniaceae
Chlamydobotrys Korshikov Chlorophyta Spondylomoraceae
Chlorobotrys Bohlin Ochrophyta Eustigmataceae
Chrysobotrys Pascher Ochrophyta Chrysosphaeraceae
Chrysobotrys W.Conrad Ochrophyta Chromulinaceae
Coccobotrys Chodat Chlorophyta Chaetophoraceae
Codonobotrys Pascher Ochrophyta Dinobryaceae
Coenobotrys I.Kostikov, T.Darienko, A.Lukesová, & L.Hoffmann Chlorophyta Radiococcaceae
Cyanobotrys L.Hoffmann Cyanobacteria Stigonemataceae
Gloeobotrys Pascher Ochrophyta Gloeobotrydaceae
Lithobotrys Ehrenberg
Phaeobotrys H.Ettl Ochrophyta Chrysophyceae familia incertae sedis
Phycobotrys Kützing Ochrophyta Sargassaceae
Pyrobotrys W.M.Arnoldi Chlorophyta Spondylomoraceae
Reticulobotrys E.Y.Dawson Rhodophyta Areschougiaceae
Sphaerobotrys Butcher Chlorophyta Chlorophyceae familia incertae sedis

17 Found - Displaying 1 through 17

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