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Genus Genus authority Phylum Family
Haloleptolyngbya P.K.Dadheech, H.Mahmoud, K.Kotut & L.Krienitz Cyanobacteria Prochlorotrichaceae
Leptolyngbya Anagnostidis & Komárek Cyanobacteria Leptolyngbyaceae
Limnolyngbya X.Li & R.Li Cyanobacteria Leptolyngbyaceae
Lyngbya C.Agardh ex Gomont Cyanobacteria Oscillatoriaceae
Marileptolyngbya W.-G.Zhou & J.Ling Cyanobacteria Pseudanabaenaceae
Neolyngbya Caires, Sant'Anna & J.M.C.Nunes Cyanobacteria Oscillatoriaceae
Palaeolyngbya J.W.Schopf Cyanobacteria Oscillatoriaceae
Planktolyngbya Anagnostidis & Komárek Cyanobacteria Leptolyngbyaceae
Plectolyngbya A.Taton, A.Wilmotte, J.Smarda, J.Elster & Komárek Cyanobacteria Leptolyngbyaceae
Salileptolyngbya W.G.Zhou Cyanobacteria Pseudanabaenaceae
Scytolyngbya Gao-Fei Song, Yong-Guang Jiang & Ren-Hui Li Cyanobacteria Leptolyngbyaceae
Sodaleptolyngbya Cellamare, C.Duval, Touibi, Djediat & C.Bernard Cyanobacteria Pseudanabaenaceae
Thermoleptolyngbya Sciuto & Moro Cyanobacteria Oculatellaceae

13 Found - Displaying 1 through 13

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