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Genus Genus authority Phylum Family
Acanthosolenia F.C.Bernard Haptophyta Haptophyta incertae sedis
Amphisolenia Stein Miozoa Amphisoleniaceae
Anoplosolenia Deflandre Haptophyta Calciosoleniaceae
Calciosolenia Gran Haptophyta Calciosoleniaceae
Microsolenia H.Takano Bacillariophyta Coscinodiscaceae
Navisolenia Lecal Haptophyta Calciosoleniaceae
Polysolenia J.D.Hooker
Pseudosolenia B.G.Sundström Bacillariophyta Rhizosoleniaceae
Rhizosolenia Ehrenberg
Rhizosolenia Brightwell Bacillariophyta Rhizosoleniaceae
Solenia C.Agardh Chlorophyta Ulvaceae
Triposolenia Kofoid Miozoa Amphisoleniaceae
Urosolenia Round & R.M.Crawford Bacillariophyta Rhizosoleniaceae

13 Found - Displaying 1 through 13

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