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Trachelomonas Ehrenberg, 1834

Empire Eukaryota
Kingdom Protozoa
Subkingdom Eozoa
Infrakingdom Infrakingdom Euglenozoa
Phylum Euglenozoa
Infraphylum Dipilida
Class Euglenophyceae
Subclass Euglenophycidae
Order Euglenida
Family Euglenidae
Subfamily Colaciinae

Lectotype species: Trachelomonas volvocina (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg

Original publication:Ehrenberg, C.G. (1834). Dritter Beitrag zur Erkenntniss grosser Organisation in der Richtung des kleinsten Raumes. Abhandlungen der Königlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin 1833: 145-336, pls I-XIII.
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Type designated in Ehrenberg, C.G. (1838). Die Infusionsthierchen als vollkommene Organismen. Ein Blick in das tiefere organische Leben der Natur. pp. i-xviii, [1-4], 1-547, [1], pls I-LXIV. Leipzig: Verlag von Leopold Voss.

Taxonomic status: currently recognized as a distinct genus.

Gender: This genus name is currently treated as feminine.

Most recent taxonomic treatment adopted: Cavalier-Smith, T. (2016). Higher classification and phylogeny of Euglenozoa. European Journal of Protistology 56: 250–276, 2 figs.

Description: Free-swimming, solitary, Euglena-like cells, completely enclosed in an envelope with a sharply defined neck or collar surrounding an apical pore through which the very long locomotory flagellum emerges; naked cells escape from the envelope during reproduction (and at other times) but immediately secrete a new envelope of species-specific shape and size (spherical, ovoid, ellipsoid or elongated; (20)30-40(50) _ (10)20(35)) _m which is colorless and smooth at first but soon becomes brown, ornamented (pores, punctae, spines, warts, ridges) and brittle with iron and manganese salts; most species are green, phototrophic, with chloroplasts of several different types (numerous, small, discoid, without pyrenoids; flat plates with double-sheathed pyrenoids; flat plates with inwardly-projecting pyrenoids; or flat plates with naked pyrenoids); a few species are colorless and osmotrophic; all other characters as Euglena. Deflandre's (1926) monograph defines many species by size, shape and ornamentation of their envelopes elaborating Conrad's (1916) artificial classification of the genus into sections according to envelope shape. These systems are followed by Huber-Pestalozzi (1955), Bourrelly (1970) and Starmach (1983), among others, but Pringsheim (1953c) showed that natural groupings should be based upon chloroplast and pyrenoid structure (as in Euglena, Pringsheim, 1956). In culture, the chemistry and ornamentation of envelopes can be varied, suggesting that many of the named species and varieties (more than 600 in total) are synonymous (Pringsheim, 1953c). Formation, structure and chemistry of the envelopes in several Trachelomonas species have been studied in the EM by Leedale (1975), West and others (1980), and other researchers. Freshwater, in acidic to neutral waters (pH 4.5-7), often in peaty pools and other habitats rich in iron and manganese; common and cosmopolitan. Emended diagnosis (Marin & Melkonian in Marin et al. 2003: 104).

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Ciugulea, I. Nudelman, M.A., Brosnan, S. & Triemer, R.E. (2008). Phylogeny of the euglenoid loricate genera Trachelomonas and Strombomonas (Euglenophyta) inferred from nuclear SSU and LSU rDNA . Journal of Phycology 44(2): 406-418.

Brosnan, S., Brown, J.P., Farmer, M.A. & Triemer, R.E. (2005). Morphological separation of the euglenoid genera Trachelomonas and Strombomonas (Euglenophyta) based on lorica development and posterior strip reduction. Journal of Phycology 41: 590-605.

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