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Kakabekia Barghoorn, 1965

Holotype species: Kakabekia umbellata Barghoorn

Original publication and holotype designation: Barghoorn, E.S. & Tyler, S.A. (1965). Microorganisms from the Gunflint chert. Science 147(3658): 563-577, 9 figures, 1 table.
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Taxonomic status: currently recognized as a distinct genus.

Gender: This genus name is currently treated as feminine.

This is a genus of fossil species, or a genus with a fossil type species, or a genus the type species of which was originally described as a fossil.

Numbers of names and species: There are 4 species names in the database at present, of which 5 have been flagged as accepted taxonomically on the basis of the listed literature under the species name. In some instances, opinions on taxonomic validity differ from author to author and users are encouraged to form their own opinion. AlgaeBase is a work in progress and should not be regarded as a definitive source only as a guide to the literature..

Names: ('C' indicates a name that is accepted taxonomically; 'S' a homotypic or heterotypic synonym; 'U' indicates a name of uncertain taxonomic status, but which has been subjected to some verification nomenclaturally; 'P' indicates a preliminary AlgaeBase entry that has not been subjected to any kind of verification. For more information on a species click on it to activate a link to the Species database):

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