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Olisthodiscus N.Carter, 1937

Holotype species: Olisthodiscus luteus N.Carter

Original publication and holotype designation: Carter, N. (1937). New or interesting algae from brackish water. Archiv für Protistenkunde 90: 1-68.

Taxonomic status: currently recognized as a distinct genus.

Gender: This genus name is currently treated as masculine.

Most recent taxonomic treatment adopted: Chrétiennot-Dinet, M.-J. (1990). Atlas du phytoplancton marin. Volume III: Chlorarachnophycées, Chlorophycées, Chrysophycées, Cryptophycées, Euglénophycées, Eustigmatophycées, Prasinophycées, Prymnesiophycées, Rhodophycées et Tribophycées Avec la collaboration de Chantal Billard et Alain Sournia. pp. [1]-261. Paris: Éditions du Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique 15, quai Anatole France - 75700 Paris.

Taxonomic notes
According to Grant et al. (2013: 62), the type species of Olisthodiscus, O. luteus Carter was found to be conspecific with Heterosigma akashiwo (Hada) Hada ex Hara & Chihara (Hara & Chihara 1987), as was O. carterae (Hallegraeff & Hara 2003). They also note that Yamaguchi et al. (2008) have suggested that Olisthodiscus may not belong in the Raphidiophyceae. - (4 Mar 2013) - Wendy Guiry

"Another thing I noticed in the list, you have Olisthodiscus luteus as a synonym of Heterosigma. That is what people believed from 1969 to 1983 when true Olistodiscus luteus was found in Japan (I think it was reported for the first time in the abstracts from the first phycological congress in Newfoundland). We also found it in Denmark and have both Heterosigma akashiwo and Olisthidiscus luteus in SCCAP. They are very different and actually belong to different classes but forget about that for moment, it has not been published yet! Just include Nellie Carter's nice species Olisthodiscus luteus in the Raphidophycae. It is a beautiful flat species (just as she described it) which swims along the bottom like a ray (without rotating), while Haterosigma akashiwo is a planktonic species which rotates all the time. It is barely flattened." Ø. Moestrup, e-mail 18 November 2013. - (19 Nov 2013) - M.D. Guiry

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Grant, B., Waller, R.F., Clementson, L.A. & Wetherbee, R. (2013). Psammamonas australis gen. et sp. nov. (Raphidophyceae), a new dimorphic, sand-dwelling alga. Phycologia 52(1): 57-64.

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