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Sargassum polyceratium Montagne 1837

Empire Eukaryota
Kingdom Chromista
Phylum Ochrophyta
Class Phaeophyceae
Subclass Fucophycidae
Order Fucales
Family Sargassaceae
Genus Sargassum


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Sargassum polyceratium Montagne
a. rama; b. filoide; c. vesícula; d. cauloide; e. receptáculo. Esquema: Lourdes Moreira..

Sargassum polyceratium Montagne
en su hábitat natural, en la zona Habana-Matanzas, sobre fondo rocoso. Foto: Ángel Fernández..


Trachelomonas scabra var. labiata (Teiling) Huber-Pestalozzi

Sargassum polyceratium Montagne en su hábitat natural, en la zona Habana-Matanzas, sobre fondo rocoso. Foto: Ángel Fernández.

Publication details
Sargassum polyceratium Montagne 1837: 356

Published in: Montagne, C. (1837). Centurie de plantes cellulaires exotiques nouvelles. Annales des Sciences Naturelles, Botanique, Seconde série 8: 345-370.
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Type species
The type species (holotype) of the genus Sargassum is Sargassum bacciferum (Turner) C.Agardh.

Status of name
This name is of an entity that is currently accepted taxonomically.

Type information
Type locality: La Habana, Cuba

Infrageneric classification
Subgenus Sargassum

Homotypic Synonym(s)
Carpacanthus polyceratius (MOntagne) Kützing 1849

General environment
This is a marine species.

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Key references
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