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Trentepohlia aurea (Linnaeus) C.Martius 1817

Empire Eukaryota
Kingdom Plantae
Subkingdom Viridiplantae
Infrakingdom Chlorophyta infrakingdom
Phylum Chlorophyta
Subphylum Chlorophytina
Class Ulvophyceae
Order Trentepohliales
Family Trentepohliaceae
Genus Trentepohlia


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Trentepohlia aurea (Linnaeus) C.Martius
Cornwall, England. Ian McClenaghan. © Ian McClenaghan.

Trentepohlia aurea (Linnaeus) C.Martius
Claddagh Quay, Galway City, Ireland; on old concrete wall. 24 Apr 2005. Fabio Rindi. © Fabio Rindi (f.rindi@univpm.it).

Trentepohlia aurea (Linnaeus) C.Martius
Claddagh, Galway, Ireland; on seaside wall. 05 Jun 2005. Michael Guiry. © Michael Guiry (mike.guiry@nuigalway.ie).

Trentepohlia aurea (Linnaeus) C.Martius
Claddagh, Co. Galway, Ireland; on a moss growing on a north-facing wall.. 06 Apr 2009. Michael Guiry. © Michael Guiry (mike.guiry@nuigalway.ie).

Trentepohlia aurea (Linnaeus) C.Martius
Claddagh, Co. Galway, Ireland; on a moss growing on a north-facing wall.. 06 Apr 2009. Michael Guiry. © Michael Guiry (mike.guiry@nuigalway.ie).

Trentepohlia aurea (Linnaeus) C.Martius
Idenfied and isolated in culture by Fabio Rindi from material collected at Claddagh Quay, Galway City, Ireland, in July 2000. Growing on agarized Jaworski's Medium. Fabio Rindi. © Fabio Rindi (f.rindi@univpm.it).


Trentepohlia aurea (Linnaeus) C.Martius Claddagh, Co. Galway, Ireland; on a moss growing on a north-facing wall.
© Michael Guiry (mike.guiry@nuigalway.ie)

Publication details
Trentepohlia aurea (Linnaeus) C.Martius 1817: 351

Published in: Martius, C.F.P. von (1817). Flora cryptogamica erlangensis sistens vegetabilia e classe ultima Linn. in agro erlangesi hucusque detecta.... pp. [i]-lxviii , [1-2, h. t. and motto], 1-512, 6 folded plates. Norimbergae [Nürnberg]: sumptibus J. L. Schrag.

Publication date: April 1817

Type species
This is the type species (holotype) of the genus Trentepohlia.

Status of name
This name is of an entity that is currently accepted taxonomically.

Byssus aurea Linnaeus

Type information
Type locality: Wales: Caenarvon; Italy (Index Nominum Algarum). Type: Dillenius (1742: pl. 1: fig. 16): OXF (Index Nominum Algarum Notes: LT fide L.M. Irvine in M.A. Spencer et al., 2009: 240 (INA). There is no evidence that this species was seen live by Linnaeus. Byssus aurea is based on “Byssus capillacea pulverulenta..” of Gleditsch (Meth. Fung., p. 18, 1753). The topotype is apparently lost, but there is every reason to suppose that the name is correctly applied to Trentepohlia aurea (Linnaeus) Martius as currently understood (Ross & Irvine, 1967).

Origin of species name
Adjective (Latin), golden.

Homotypic Synonym(s)
Byssus aurea Linnaeus 1753
Amphiconium aureum (Linnaeus) Nees 1827
Chroolepus aureus (Linnaeus) Sprengel 1832

Heterotypic Synonym(s)
Tophora cryptarum (Linnaeus) E.M.Fries 825
Byssus cryptarum Linnaeus 1753
Amphiconium rupestre Nees von Esenbeck 1827
Chroolepus oleiferum Kützing 1843
Chroolepus aureus var. tomentosus Kützing 1845
Chroolepus aureus var. pulvinatus Kützing 1845
Chroolepus aureus var. glomeratus Kützing 1845
Chroolepus aureus var. incrassatus Kützing 1845
Chroolepus aureus var. alpinus Kützing 1845
Chroolepus velutinus Kützing 1845
Trentepohlia capitellata Ripart 1876
Trentepohlia maxima Karsten 1891
Trentepohlia germanica Glück 1896
Trentepohlia gobii Meyer 1936

Habitat notes
Most frequent on rocks, both calcareous and siliceous, at sites with cool, humid conditions; it may also be found on old concrete walls, tree bark, derietcaying wood, mosses and wet soil. Europe: very common in Europe. Caves (Czerwik-Marcinkowska & Mrozinska 2011). - (24 Aug 2011) - M.D. Guiry

General environment
This is a terrestrial species.

Detailed distribution with sources
(as Byssus aurea Linnaeus)
Europe: Slovakia (Hindák & Hindáková 2016).

Asia: Taiwan (Shao 2003-2014).

(as Byssus cryptarum Linnaeus)
Atlantic Islands: Iceland (Hooker 1811).

Asia: Taiwan (Shao 2003-2014).

(as Trentepohlia aurea (Linnaeus) C.Martius)
Atlantic Islands: Iceland (Sarma 1986).

Europe: Austria (Sarma 1986), Britain (Hariot 1889, John 2002, Whitton & al. 2003, Nelsen et al. 2011, John, Whitton & Brook 2011), Bulgaria (Sarma 1986), Czech Republic and/or Slovakia (Sarma 1986), Denmark (Hariot 1889, Sarma 1986), France (Hariot 1889, Hariot 1889, Sarma 1986, Anon. 2017), Georgia (Barinova & al. 2011), Germany (Hariot 1889, Sarma 1986, Täuscher 2014, Täuscher 2016, Täuscher 2019), Ireland (Adams 1908, Rindi & Guiry 2002, Nelsen et al. 2011), Italy (Hariot 1889, Sarma 1986), Latvia (Sarma 1986), Norway (Hariot 1889), Poland (Sarma 1986, Czerwik-Marcinkowska & Mrozinska 2011), Romania (Caraus 2017), Russia (Black Sea) (Sarma 1986), Scandinavia (Karlason & al. 2018), Slovakia (Hindák & Hindáková 2016), Spain (Sarma 1986, Alvárez Cobelas & Gallardo 1986), Sweden (Hariot 1889), Switzerland (Hariot 1889, Sarma 1986), Ukraine (Burova & al. 2011).

North America: Canada (Sarma 1986), Laurentian Great Lakes (Prescott 1962), Mexico (Ramírez, Hernández-Mariné & Roldán 2009), Tennessee (Johansen & al. 2007), United States of America (Sarma 1986).

Caribbean Islands: Cuba (Hariot 1889, Sarma 1986), Puerto Rico (Sarma 1986).

South America: Argentina (Tell 1985, Sarma 1986), Brazil (Hariot 1889, Sarma 1986, Bicudo & Santos 2001, Lemes-Da-Silva, Branco & Necchi-Júnior 2010), French Guiana (Rindi & López-Bautista, 2008), Peru (Sarma 1986).

Africa: Congo (Sarma 1986), Morocco (Sarma 1986), South Africa (Sarma 1986), Zaire (Sarma 1986).

Indian Ocean Islands: Comoros and Mayotte (Hariot 1889).

Middle East: Israel (Barinova, Yeuda & Nevo 2010).

South-west Asia: Bangladesh (Sarma 1986, Ahmed & al. 2008), India (Sarma 1986, Gupta 2012, Binoy, Bhagya & Thomas 2019), Sri Lanka (Sarma 1986).

South-east Asia: Indonesia (Sarma 1986), New Caledonia (Sarma 1986), Singapore (Pham & al. 2011), Thailand (Sarma 1986).

Asia: China (Sarma 1986, Li & Bi 1998, Hu & Wei 2006), Japan (Hirose, Yamagishi & Akiyama 1977, Hirose, Yamagishi & Akiyama 1977), Russia (Far East) (Medvedeva & Nikulina 2014), Taiwan (Shao 2003-2014).

Australia and New Zealand: New Zealand (Chapman, Thompson & Segar 1957, Sarma 1986, Broady & al. 2012), Queensland (Cribb 1958, Sarma 1986), Victoria (Sarma 1986).

Pacific Islands: Easter Island (Sarma 1986), Samoa (Schmidle 1897, Sarma 1986).

(as Chroolepus aureus (Linnaeus) Sprengel)
Europe: Germany (Stutz & Mattern (eds) & al. 2018), Slovakia (Hindák & Hindáková 2016).

Asia: Taiwan (Shao 2003-2014).

(as Chroolepus oleiferum Kützing)
Asia: Taiwan (Shao 2003-2014).

(as Chroolepus aureus var. tomentosus Kützing)
Europe: Slovakia (Hindák & Hindáková 2016).

Asia: Taiwan (Shao 2003-2014).

(as Chroolepus aureus var. pulvinatus Kützing)
Asia: Taiwan (Shao 2003-2014).

(as Chroolepus aureus var. glomeratus Kützing)
Asia: Taiwan (Shao 2003-2014).

(as Chroolepus aureus var. incrassatus Kützing)
Asia: Taiwan (Shao 2003-2014).

(as Chroolepus aureus var. alpinus Kützing)
Asia: Taiwan (Shao 2003-2014).

(as Chroolepus velutinus Kützing)
Europe: Germany (Stutz & Mattern (eds) & al. 2018).

Asia: Taiwan (Shao 2003-2014).

(as Trentepohlia capitellata Ripart)
Asia: Taiwan (Shao 2003-2014).

(as Trentepohlia maxima Karsten)
Asia: Taiwan (Shao 2003-2014).

(as Trentepohlia germanica Glück)
Asia: Taiwan (Shao 2003-2014).

(as Trentepohlia gobii Meyer)
Asia: Taiwan (Shao 2003-2014).

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Graham, L.E. & McBride, G.E. (1975). The ultrastructure of multilayered structures associated with flagellar bases in motile cells of Trentepohlia aurea. Journal of Phycology 11: 86-96, 21 figs.
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