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Kappaphycus striatus (F.Schmitz) L.M.Liao 1996

Empire Eukaryota
Kingdom Plantae
Subkingdom Biliphyta
Phylum Rhodophyta
Subphylum Eurhodophytina
Class Florideophyceae
Subclass Rhodymeniophycidae
Order Gigartinales
Family Solieriaceae
Genus Kappaphycus


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Kappaphycus striatus (F.Schmitz) L.M.Liao
Palau Islands, West Pacific. Hideo Ohba. © Palau International Coral Reef Center.

Kappaphycus striatus (F.Schmitz) L.M.Liao
Palau Islands, West Pacific. Hideo Ohba. © Palau International Coral Reef Center.

Kappaphycus striatus (F.Schmitz) L.M.Liao
Green color mutant. Palau Islands, West Pacific, 1 m deep. 07 Dec 2004. Hideo Ohba. © Palau International Coral Reef Center.

Kappaphycus striatus (F.Schmitz) L.M.Liao
Palau Islands, West Pacific, 1 m deep. 07 Dec 2004. Hideo Ohba. © Palau International Coral Reef Center.

Kappaphycus striatus (F.Schmitz) L.M.Liao
Hawaii; scale is 5 mm. 01 Jan 0001. J.M. Huisman. © J.M. Huisman.

Kappaphycus striatus (F.Schmitz) L.M.Liao
Tanzania. Katrin Østerlund. © Katrin Oesterlund (Katrin.Osterlund@uadm.uu.se).


Phymatolithon investiens f. ocellatum (Foslie) Foslie

Kappaphycus striatus (F.Schmitz) L.M.Liao Palau Islands, West Pacific
© Palau International Coral Reef Center

Publication details
Kappaphycus striatus (F.Schmitz) L.M.Liao 1996: 158 (as 'striatum' )

Published in: Liao, L.M. (1996). Validation of names transferred to Kappaphycus Doty from Eucheuma J. Agardh (Rhodophyta: Solieriaceae). The Philippine Journal of Science 125(2): 158-160, no figs.
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Publication date: "April-June 1996"

Type species
The type species (holotype) of the genus Kappaphycus is Kappaphycus alvarezii (Doty) L.M.Liao.

Status of name
This name is of an entity that is currently accepted taxonomically.

Eucheuma striatum F.Schmitz

Type information
Type locality: Zanzibar, Tanzania (Silva & al. 1996: 334). Holotype: Dr. Stuhlmann; Hamburg (Doty 1988: 173, 177). Notes: Doty (1988: 173, 177) notes that at Leiden there is an isotype received (Weber-van Bosse 1926) from H. Winkler of the Hamburg Herbarium and that there is a tiny isotype, an exsicattum, in the British Museum.

Origin of species name
Adjective (Latin), striped or fluted.

Homotypic Synonym(s)
Eucheuma striatum F.Schmitz 1895

Nomenclatural notes
The ending is treated as masculine in accordance with the provision in the Vienna Code (Art. 62C): (c) Compounds ending in -ceras, -dendron, -nema, -stigma, -stoma, and other neuter words, are neuter. An exception is made for names ending in -anthos (or -anthus), -chilos (-chilus or -cheilos), and -phykos (-phycos or -phycus), which ought to be neuter, since that is the gender of the Greek words anthos, cheilos, and phykos, but are treated as masculine in accordance with botanical tradition. - (8 Dec 2009) - M.D. Guiry

Distributional notes
Introduced in Fiji (N'Yeurt et al., 1996) and Hawaiian Islands (Abbott, 1999).

General environment
This is a marine species.

Detailed distribution with sources
(as Eucheuma striatum F.Schmitz)
South-east Asia: Philippines (Doty & Norris 1985, Silva, Meñez & Moe 1987).

Asia: Japan (Yoshida, Nakajima & Nakata 1990).

(as Kappaphycus striatus (F.Schmitz) L.M.Liao)
Western Atlantic: Trop. & Subtrop. W. Atlantic (Wynne 2017).

Africa: Kenya (Silva & al. 1996, Bolton, Oyieke & Gwanda 2007), Madagascar (Silva & al. 1996), Mozambique (Bandeira, António & Critchley 2001, Carvalho & Bandeira 2003), Tanzania (incl. Zanzibar) (Doty 1988, Silva & al. 1996, Oliveira, Österlund & Mtolera 2005).

South-west Asia: India (Silva & al. 1996, Sahoo et al. 2001, Rao & Gupta 2015).

South-east Asia: Indonesia (Verheij & Prud'homme van Reine 1993, Atmadja & Prud'homme van Reine 2012), Philippines (Doty 1988, Doty 1988, Kraft et al. 1999, Mendoza et al 2006, Solis et al. 2010, Liao, Belleza & Gerldino 2013, Ang, Sin Man Leung & Mei Mei Choi 2014), Singapore (Silva & al. 1996, Pham & al. 2011), Vietnam (Nguyen et al. 2013, Titlyanov, Titlyanova & Belous 2015).

Asia: China (Xia & Zhang 1999, Liu 2008), Japan (Yoshida 1998, Yoshida, Suzuki & Yoshinaga 2015), South China Sea (Phang & al. 2016, Phang & al. 2016).

Pacific Islands: Federated States of Micronesia (Lobban & Tsuda 2003, Lobban & Tsuda 2003), Fiji (N'Yeurt, South & Keats 1996), Hawaiian Islands (Abbott 1999, Huisman, Abbott & Smith 2007 ), Republic of Palau (Ohba et al 2007).

Key references
Doty, M.S. (1988). Podromus ad systematica Eucheumatoideorum: a tribe of commercial seaweeds related to Eucheuma (Solieriaceae, Gigartinales). In: Taxonomy of economic seaweeds with reference to some Pacific and Caribbean species. (Abbott, I.A. Eds) Vol.2, pp. 159-207. La Jolla: California Sea Grant College Program [Report T-CSGCP-018].

Huisman, J.M., Abbott, I.A., Smith, C.M. (2007). Hawaiian reef plants. pp. [1]-264, numerous colour photographs. Honolulu: A publication of the University of Hawai'i Sea Grant College Program.

Mendoza, W.G., Ganzon-Fortes, E.T., Villanueva, R.D., Romero, J.B. & Montano, M.N.E. (2006). Tissue age as a factor affecting carrageenan quantity and quality in framed Kappaphycus striatum (Schmitz) Doty ex Silva. Botanica Marina 49: 57-64.

Silva, P.C., Basson, P.W. & Moe, R.L. (1996). Catalogue of the benthic marine algae of the Indian Ocean. University of California Publications in Botany 79: [i]-xiv, 1-1259.

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