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Gigartina pistillata (S.G.Gmelin) Stackhouse

Empire Eukaryota
Kingdom Plantae
Subkingdom Biliphyta
Phylum Rhodophyta
Subphylum Eurhodophytina
Class Florideophyceae
Subclass Rhodymeniophycidae
Order Gigartinales
Family Gigartinaceae
Genus Gigartina


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Gigartina pistillata (S.G.Gmelin) Stackhouse
Gigartina pistillata, lower intertidal, North of Portugal, 2013, Ignacio Bárbara" . Ignacio Bárbara. © Igancio Bárbara (barbara@udc.es).

Gigartina pistillata (S.G.Gmelin) Stackhouse
Gigartina pistillata, lower intertidal, Ría de A Coruña, Galicia, Spain, 2013, Ignacio Bárbara" . Ignacio Bárbara. © Igancio Bárbara (barbara@udc.es).

Gigartina pistillata (S.G.Gmelin) Stackhouse
Gigartina pistillata, lower intertidal, North of Portugal, 2013, Ignacio Bárbara. Ignacio Bárbara. © Igancio Bárbara (barbara@udc.es).

Gigartina pistillata (S.G.Gmelin) Stackhouse
habit with Pseudopolyides furcellarioides and Polyides rotundus, Costa da Morte, Galicia, Spain, 2009. Ignacio Bárbara. © Ignacio Bárbara (barbara@udc.es).

Gigartina pistillata (S.G.Gmelin) Stackhouse
Collected near Roscoff (F), December 1984. 29 Dec 2011. Elmar Wosnitza. © Christine Wosnitza.

Gigartina pistillata (S.G.Gmelin) Stackhouse
South Africa. 09 Dec 2011. Robert Anderson (anderson@botzoo.uct.ac.za). © Robert Anderson (anderson@botzoo.uct.ac.za).

Gigartina pistillata (S.G.Gmelin) Stackhouse
Ría de Ferrol, Galicia, Spain, 2008. Ignacio Bárbara. © Ignacio Bárbara (barbara@udc.es).

Gigartina pistillata (S.G.Gmelin) Stackhouse
microscopio, Ría de A Coruña, Galicia, Spain, 2006, developing cystocarp. Ignacio Bárbara. © Ignacio Bárbara (barbara@udc.es).

Gigartina pistillata (S.G.Gmelin) Stackhouse
Lourido, A Coruña, Galicia, Spain, 2009. Ignacio Bárbara. © Ignacio Bárbara (barbara@udc.es).


Chaetomorpha natalensis (Hering) De Toni

Gigartina pistillata (S.G.Gmelin) Stackhouse Gigartina pistillata, lower intertidal, North of Portugal, 2013, Ignacio Bárbara
© Igancio Bárbara (barbara@udc.es)

Publication details
Gigartina pistillata (S.G.Gmelin) Stackhouse 1809: 74

Published in: Stackhouse, J. (1809). Tentamen marino-cryptogamicum, ordinem novum; in genera et species distributum, in Classe XXIVta Linnaei sistens. Mémoires de la Société Imperiale des Naturalistes de Moscou 2: [50]-97.
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Type species
This is the type species (holotype) of the genus Gigartina.

Status of name
This name is of an entity that is currently accepted taxonomically.

Fucus pistillatus S.G.Gmelin

Type information
Type locality: Doubtful; sent by Sandifort from the Netherlands (The Hague) (Dixon & Irvine 1977: 239). Lectotype: original illustration in the absence of material (S.G. Gmelin, 1768, pl. xviii, fig. 1) (epitype) (Dixon & Irvine 1977: 239). Notes: Only known from drift plants (Stegenga et al. 1997).

Origin of species name
Adjective (Latin), pistillate (Stearn 1973).

Homotypic Synonym(s)
Fucus pistillatus S.G.Gmelin 1768

Heterotypic Synonym(s)
Fucus gigartinus Linnaeus 1759
Fucus oederi Esper 1802
Gelidium gigartinum (Linnaeus) Lyngbye 1819
Sphaerococcus gigartinus var. costatus Suhr 1834

Taxonomic notes
Cotton (1915: 201) and Papenfuss (1964: 41) consider that the Falkland Islands record of this species is doubtfully correct.

General environment
This is a marine species.

Common names

(as Gigartina pistillata (S.G.Gmelin) Stackhouse)
English: Pestle Weed (Bunker et al. 2010).

Detailed distribution with sources
(as Fucus gigartinus Linnaeus)
Europe: Spain (Roxas Clemente y Rubio 1807).

(as Gigartina pistillata (S.G.Gmelin) Stackhouse)
Europe: Atlantic France (Burel, Le Duff & Ar Gall 2019), Britain (Newton 1931, Dixon & Irvine 1977, Hardy & Guiry 2003, Brodie et al. 2016, Bunker et al. 2017), Channel Islands (Lyle 1920, Dixon 1961), France (Dizerbo & Herpe 2007, Anon. 2017), France (Breizh) (Feldmann 1954, Loiseaux-de Goër & Noailles 2008), Greece (Haritonidis & Tsekos 1976), Ireland (Adams 1908, Guiry 1977, Guiry 1977, Guiry 2012, Bunker et al. 2017), Netherlands (Stegenga et al. 1997), Portugal (Ardré 1970, Pereira & Mesquita 2003, Araujo et al. 2005, Araújo et al. 2006, Araújo et al. 2009), Spain (Lázaro Ibiza 1889, Sauvageau 1897, Bellón 1921, Hamel 1928, Miranda 1931, Bellón 1940, Seoane-Camba 1957, Ardré 1957, Fischer-Piette, C. & Seoane-Camba, J. (1962), Seoane-Camba 1965, Conde Poyales & Seoane Camba 1982, Fernández & Niell 1982, Fernández, Niell & Anadón 1983, Anadón 1983, Anadón & Fernández 1986, Flores-Moya, Vera-Gonzalez & Conde 1989, Conde Poyales 1992, Bárbara, Cremades & Pérez-Cirera 1995, Conde et al. 1996, Bárbara & Cremades 1996, Veiga, Cremades & Bárbara 1998, Valenzuela Miranda 2002, Sánchez, Fernández & Rico 2003, Gorostiaga et al., 2004, Bárbara et al. 2005, Diaz-Tapia & Bárbara 2005, Peña & Bárbara 2006, Martínez-Gil et al. 2007, Peña & Bárbara 2008, Peña & Bárbara 2008, Cires Rodriguez & Cuesta Moliner 2010), Spain (incl. Canary Is.) (Gallardo et al. 2016).

Atlantic Islands: Azores (Neto 1994, Parente), Canary Islands (Børgesen 1929, Gil-Rodríguez & Afonso-Carrillo 1980, Price, John & Lawson 1986, Haroun et al. 2002, Gil-Rodríguez et al. 2003, John et al. 2004, Anon. 2011, Afonso-Carrillo 2014), Madeira (Levring 1974, Neto, Cravo & Haroun 2001, John et al. 2004).

South America: Argentina (Pujals 1963).

Africa: Mauritania (John et al. 2004), Morocco (Dangeard 1949, Moussa et al. 2018), Senegal (John et al. 2004), South Africa (Silva, Basson & Moe 1996, Stegenga, Bolton & Anderson 1997), Spanish North Africa (González García, Paredes Ruiz & Enrique Mirón 2017), Western Sahara (John et al. 2004).

Subantarctic Islands: Falkland Islands/Islas Malvinas (Hariot 1889).

Key references
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Amini, A., Mouradi, A., Bennasser, L. & Givernaud, T. (2007). Seasonal variations in thalli and carrageenan composition of Gigartina pistillata (Gmelin) Stackhouse (Rhodophyta, Gigartinales) harvested along the Atlantic coast of Morocco. Phycological Research 55(2): 143-149.
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