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Bryopsis hypnoides J.V.Lamouroux 1809

Empire Eukaryota
Kingdom Plantae
Subkingdom Viridiplantae
Infrakingdom Chlorophyta infrakingdom
Phylum Chlorophyta
Subphylum Chlorophytina
Class Ulvophyceae
Order Bryopsidales
Family Bryopsidaceae
Genus Bryopsis


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Bryopsis hypnoides J.V.Lamouroux
Willapa Bay, WA, USA. 19 May 2017. © Gayle Hansen.

Bryopsis hypnoides J.V.Lamouroux
Hawaii; scale is 5 mm. 15 Aug 2011. J.M. Huisman. © J.M. Huisman.

Bryopsis hypnoides J.V.Lamouroux
Zeeland delta, Netherlands. 26 Mar 2011. Mat Vestjens & Anne Frijsinger. © Mat Vestjens & Anne Frijsinger (annenmat@natuurlijkmooi.net).

Bryopsis hypnoides J.V.Lamouroux
Tanzania. Katrin Østerlund. © Katrin Oesterlund (Katrin.Osterlund@uadm.uu.se).

Bryopsis hypnoides J.V.Lamouroux
Schilksee, Kieler Bight, Baltic Sea. 06 Dec 2004. Dirk Schories. © Dirk Schories (dirk.schories@gmx.de).

Bryopsis hypnoides J.V.Lamouroux
Schilksee, Kieler Bight, Baltic Sea, 2m depth. 06 Dec 2004.


Hincksia prolifera (V.Krishnamurthy & Baluswami) P.C.Silva

Bryopsis hypnoides J.V.Lamouroux Hawaii; scale is 5 mm
© J.M. Huisman

Publication details
Bryopsis hypnoides J.V.Lamouroux 1809: 333 [135]

Published in: Lamouroux, J.V.F. (1809). Observations sur la physiologie des algues marines, et description de cinq nouveaux genres de cette famille. Nouveau Bulletin des Sciences, par la Société Philomathique de Paris 1: 330-333, fig. 2, pl. 6.
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Publication date: May 2009

Type species
The type species (lectotype) of the genus Bryopsis is Bryopsis pennata J.V.Lamouroux.

Status of name
This name is of an entity that is currently accepted taxonomically.

Origin of species name
Adjective (Latin), resembling the mosses, specifically the genus Hypnum (Neal 1993).

Heterotypic Synonym(s)
Bryopsis hypnoides f. praelongata J.Agardh 1887
Bryopsis hypnoides f. atlantica J.Agardh 1887
Bryopsis hypnoides f. prolongata J.Agardh 1887
Bryopsis monoica Funk 1927

Taxonomic notes
Shevlin (in Schneider & Searles, 1991: 95) considers that this entity represents a growth form of B. plumosa (Hudson) C. Agardh. Taylor (1945) cites his record as Bryopsis hypnoides Lamouroux, prox. The conspecificty between Bryopsis hypnoides and B. monoica Funk continues to be a matter of dispute (see Cormaci, Furnari & Alongi 2014: 211).

General environment
This is a marine species.

Common names

(as Bryopsis hypnoides J.V.Lamouroux)
English: Variously Branched Mossy Feather Weed (Bunker & al. 2010).

Japanese: Obana-hanemo (Tokida 1954).

Type information
Type locality: Hab. in Gall. Mediterr. [Mediterranean France] (Lamouroux 1809: 333). Type: CN? Notes: According to the 1809 reprint, cited by INA, the type locality is "Cette [Mediterranean coast of France: Sète, Hérault]".

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