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Halimeda cuneata Hering 1846

Empire Eukaryota
Kingdom Plantae
Subkingdom Viridiplantae
Infrakingdom Chlorophyta infrakingdom
Phylum Chlorophyta
Subphylum Chlorophytina
Class Ulvophyceae
Order Bryopsidales
Family Halimedaceae
Genus Halimeda


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Halimeda cuneata Hering
South Africa; fertile. Robert Anderson. © Robert Anderson (Robert.Anderson@uct.ac.za).

Halimeda cuneata Hering
KwaZulu-Natal. Heroen Verbruggen. © Heroen Verbruggen (heroen.verbruggen@gmail.com).

Halimeda cuneata Hering
Rottnest Island, Western Australia.. John Huisman. © John Huisman (j.huisman@murdoch.edu.au).


Publication details
Halimeda cuneata Hering in Krauss 1846: 214

Published in: Krauss, F. [Krauss, C.F.F. von] (1846). Pflanzen des Cap- und Natal-Landes, gesammelt und zusammengestellt von Dr. Ferdinand Krauss. (Schluss.). Flora 29(14): 209-215.
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Type species
The type species (holotype) of the genus Halimeda is Halimeda tuna (J.Ellis & Solander) J.V.Lamouroux.

Status of name
This name is of an entity that is currently accepted taxonomically.

Type information
Type locality: Natal Bay, South Africa (Silva & al. 1996: 865). Type: Krauss; BM (Womersley 1984: 246). Notes: See Hillis 1959: 346 (Womersley, 1984:246).

Origin of species name
Adjective (Latin), wedge-shaped (Brown 1946).

Heterotypic Synonym(s)
Halimeda obovata Kützing 1858
Halimeda cuneata f. versatilis (J.Agardh) Weber Bosse 1913

Taxonomic notes
According to Silva et al. (1996) the name Halimeda macroloba has been misapplied to this species by Harvey(1855b: 564) and Harvey (1863: lvii, pl. CCLXVII). They recommend consulting J. Agardh (1887: 86-87, under H. versatilis) for more details.

General environment
This is a marine species.

Detailed distribution with sources
(as Halimeda cuneata Hering)
Europe: France (Anon. 2017).

North America: Gulf of California (Norris, Aguilar-Rosas & Pedroche 2017), Mexico (Pedroche & Sentíes 2020).

Central America: Mexico (Pacific) (Pedroche & al. 2005).

Western Atlantic: Trop. & Subtrop. W. Atlantic (Wynne 2017).

South America: Brazil (Bandeira-Pedrosa, Barreto Pereira, Bouzon & Oliveira 2004, Moura 2010).

Africa: Kenya (Silva & al. 1996, Bolton, Oyieke & Gwanda 2007), Madagascar (Silva & al. 1996, Vieira & al. 2021), Mozambique (Silva & al. 1996), Somalia (Silva & al. 1996), South Africa (Silva & al. 1996), Tanzania (incl. Zanzibar) (Silva & al. 1996).

Indian Ocean Islands: Andaman Islands (Silva & al. 1996), Chagos Archipelago (Silva & al. 1996), Nicobar Islands (Silva & al. 1996), Réunion (Silva & al. 1996).

South-west Asia: India (Silva & al. 1996, Sahoo et al. 2001, Gupta 2012, Rao & Gupta 2015), Pakistan (Silva & al. 1996).

South-east Asia: Indonesia (Silva & al. 1996, Atmadja & Prud'homme van Reine 2014), Philippines (Silva, Meñez & Moe 1987, Ang, Sin Man Leung & Mei Mei Choi 2014), Vietnam (Tien 2007, Nguyen et al. 2013).

Asia: Japan (Okamura 1936, Segawa 1981, Yoshida, Suzuki & Yoshinaga 2015), South China Sea (Phang & al. 2016), Taiwan (Lewis & Norris 1987, Shao 2003-2014).

Australia and New Zealand: Houtman Abrolhos (Huisman 1997), Lord Howe Island (Womersley 1984, Lewis 1987), New South Wales (Millar & Kraft 1994, Huisman 2000), Northern Territory (Womersley 1958, Lewis 1987), Queensland (Lewis 1987, Phillips 1997, Phillips 2002, Bostock & Holland 2010), Western Australia (Womersley 1984 , Huisman & Walker 1990 , Huisman 2000 , Huisman & Borowitzka 2003 ).

Pacific Islands/Pacific Ocean: Central Polynesia (Tsuda & Walsh 2013), Federated States of Micronesia (Lobban & Tsuda 2003, Lobban & Tsuda 2003, Tsuda 2006), Fiji (N'Yeurt, South & Keats 1996, South & Skelton 2003).

(as Halimeda obovata Kützing)
Asia: Taiwan (Shao 2003-2014).

(as Halimeda cuneata f. versatilis (J.Agardh) Weber Bosse)
Asia: Taiwan (Shao 2003-2014).

Key references
Braune, W. (2008). Meeresalgen. Ein Farbbildführer zu den verbreiteten benthischen Grün- Braun- und Rotalgen der Weltmeere. pp. [1]-596, pls 1-266 (colour photographs). Ruggell: A.R.G. Gantner Verlag.

Pedroche, F.F., Silva, P.C., Aguilar-Rosas, L.E., Dreckmann, K.M. & Aguilar-Rosas, R. (2005). Catálogo de las algas marinas bentónicas del Pacífico de México. I. Chlorophycota. pp. i-viii, 17-146. Ensenada, México: Universidad Autónoma de Baja California.

Yamada, Y. (1941). [On the species of Halimeda from Micronesia]. Kagaku Nanyõ 4: 108-121, 15 figs. [in Japanese]

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Bandeira-Pedrosa, M.E., Barreto Pereira, S.M., Bouzon, Z.L. & Oliveira, E.C. (2004). Halimeda cuneata (Bryopsidales, Chlorophyta), a new record for the Atlantic Ocean. Phycologia 43: 50-57.
Chihara, M. (1956). Studies on the life-history of the green algae in the warm seas around Japan (4): On the life-history of Halimeda cuneata Hering. (1). Journal of Japanese Botany 31(4): 102-110.

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