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Kuckuckia spinosa (Kützing) Kornmann

Publication details
Kuckuckia spinosa (Kützing) Kornmann in Kuckuck 1958: 172, figs 1-4

Published in: Kuckuck, P. (1958). Ectocarpaceen-Studien V. Kuckuckia, Feldmannia. Helgoländer Wissenschaftliche Meeresuntersuchungen 6: 171-192.

Type species
The type species (holotype) of the genus Kuckuckia is Kuckuckia crinigera (Kuckuck) Hamel.

Status of name
This name is of an entity that is currently accepted taxonomically.

Ectocarpus spinosus Kützing

Type information
Type locality: Spalato, Italy (Womersley 1987: 32). Type: L (Womersley 1987: 32).

Origin of species name
Adjective (Latin), spiny.

Homotypic Synonym(s)
Ectocarpus spinosus Kützing 1843

Heterotypic Synonym(s)
Ectocarpus criniger Kuckuck 1895
Kuckuckia crinigera (Kuckuck) Hamel 1939
Kuckuckia kylinii Cardinal 1964

Nomenclatural notes
Womersley (1987) cites this as Kuckuckia spinosa (Kuetzing) Kuckuck 1958.

General environment
This is a marine species.

Detailed distribution with sources
(as Ectocarpus spinosus Kützing)
Europe: Balearic Islands (Rodríguez y Femenías 1889).

Asia: Taiwan (Lewis & Norris 1987, Shao 2003-2014, Anon. 2012).

(as Ectocarpus criniger Kuckuck)
Europe: France (Feldmann 1937).

Asia: Taiwan (Shao 2003-2014).

(as Kuckuckia crinigera (Kuckuck) Hamel)
Europe: Sweden (Kylin 1947).

Asia: Taiwan (Shao 2003-2014).

(as Kuckuckia spinosa (Kützing) Kornmann)
Europe: Atlantic France (Burel, Le Duff & Ar Gall 2019), Balearic Islands (Ribera et al. 1992), Corsica (Coppejans 1979, Ribera et al. 1992), France (Feldmann & Magne 1964, Dubois 1972, Ben Maiz, Boudouresque, Lauret & Riouall 1988, Ribera et al. 1992, Verlaque 2001, Dizerbo & Herpe 2007, Anon. 2017), Greece (Gerloff & Geissler 1974, Athanasiadis 1987, Ribera et al. 1992, Tsiamis et al. 2013, Tsiamis et al. 2013), Helgoland (Bartsch & Kuhlenkamp 2000), Italy (Giaccone 1969, Ribera et al. 1992, Furnari, Cormaci & Serio 1999), Scandinavia (Karlason et al. 2018), Spain (Ballesteros 1981, Romero Martinengo & Romero Martinengo 1982, Gallardo et al. 1985, Ballesteros 1989, Pérez-Ruzafa 1990, Ribera et al. 1992, Bárbara et al. 2005, Bárbara et al. 2006), Spain (incl. Canary Is.) (Gallardo et al. 2016), Veneto (Sfriso 2011).

Atlantic Islands: Canary Islands (Haroun et al. 2002, Gil-Rodríguez et al. 2003, John et al. 2004, Anon. 2011, Afonso-Carrillo 2014).

North America: Oregon and Washington (Hansen et al. 2018).

Western Atlantic: Trop. & Subtrop. W. Atlantic (Wynne 2017).

South America: Argentina (Boraso de Zaixso 2013), Brazil (Menezes Széchy & Paula 2010).

Africa: Algeria (Ribera et al. 1992, Ould-Ahmed et al. 2013).

Asia: Taiwan (Shao 2003-2014).

Australia and New Zealand: South Australia (Womersley 1987), Tasmania (Womersley 1987), Victoria (Womersley 1987).

(as Kuckuckia kylinii Cardinal)
Europe: France (Feldmann & Magne 1964, Ribera et al. 1992, Dizerbo & Herpe 2007), Portugal (Ardré 1970), Scandinavia (Athanasiadis 1996).

Asia: China (Liu 2008, Tseng 2009, Luan Rixiao et al. 2013), Korea (Kim 2010), Taiwan (Shao 2003-2014).

Key references
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Pedersen, P.M. (1989). Studies on Kuckuckia spinosa (Fucophyceae, Sorocarpaceae): life history, temperature gradient experiments and synonymy. Nordic Journal of Botany 9: 443-447.

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