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Microcoleus vaginatus Gomont ex Gomont

Empire Prokaryota
Kingdom Eubacteria
Subkingdom Negibacteria
Phylum Cyanobacteria
Class Cyanophyceae
Subclass Oscillatoriophycidae
Order Oscillatoriales
Family Microcoleaceae
Genus Microcoleus


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Microcoleus vaginatus Gomont ex Gomont
Rope-like structures on bryophyte. Dallington Churchyard, Northampton, UK. Collected by Rachel Carter. 06 Feb 2015. © C.F. Carter (chris.carter'at'6cvw.freeuk.com.

Microcoleus vaginatus Gomont ex Gomont
Irthlingborough Lakes, Northampton, UK.. 06 Feb 2011. © C.F.Carter (chris.carter@6cvw.freeuk.com).

Microcoleus vaginatus Gomont ex Gomont
Irthlingborough Lakes, Northampton, UK.. 06 Feb 2011. © C.F.Carter (chris.carter@6cvw.freeuk.com).

Microcoleus vaginatus Gomont ex Gomont
Irthlingborough Lakes, Northampton, UK.. 06 Feb 2011. © C.F.Carter (chris.carter@6cvw.freeuk.com).

Microcoleus vaginatus Gomont ex Gomont
On marginal plants, Hollowell Reservoir, Northampton UK. Collected by Rachel Carter.. 03 Aug 2006. © C.F.Carter (chris.carter@6cvw.freeuk.com).

Microcoleus vaginatus Gomont ex Gomont
Among Vaucheria, Castle Station Lancaster, UK. Sample collected by Roy Merritt.. 03 Sep 2009. © C.F.Carter (chris.carter@6cvw.freeuk.com).

Microcoleus vaginatus Gomont ex Gomont
From Littler, D.S., M.M. Littler & M.D. Hanisak (2008) Submersed Plants of the Indian River Lagoon. Purchase information. Diane Littler. © Diane Littler (littlerd@si.edu).


Dictyota paniculata J.Agardh

Microcoleus vaginatus Gomont ex Gomont Irthlingborough Lakes, Northampton, UK.
© C.F.Carter (chris.carter@6cvw.freeuk.com)

Publication details
Microcoleus vaginatus Gomont ex Gomont 1892: 352 (=key), 355, pl. 14: fig. 12

Published in: Gomont, M. (1892). Monographie des Oscillariées (Nostocacées homocystées). Annales des Sciences Naturelles, Botanique, Série 7 15: 263-368, pls 6-14 [VI-XIV in text and expl. pl.].
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Publication date: 1 January 1892

Type species
This is the type species (lectotype) of the genus Microcoleus.

Status of name
This name is of an entity that is currently accepted taxonomically.

Origin of species name
Adjective (Latin), sheathed (Stearn 1973).

Heterotypic Synonym(s)
Oscillatoria vaginata Vaucher 1803
Conferva vaginata (Vaucher) Sprengel 1806
Trichophorus vaginatus (Vaucher) Desvaux 1809
Vaginaria vulgaris S.F.Gray 1821
Vaginaria terrestris Bory 1831
Oscillatoriella vaginata Gaillon 1833
Vaginaria vaginata (Vaucher) Kuntze 1891
Microcoleus terrestris Engler 1892
Oscillatoria sandbergii Skuja 1964
Geitlerinema sandbergii (Skuja) Anagnostidis 2001

Nomenclatural notes
Authority: (Vaucher) Gomont (INA, Silva et al., 1996); (Vaucher) Gomont ex Gomont (Boyer et al., 2002). [later starting date]. - (6 Feb 2015) - Wendy Guiry

General environment
This is a terrestrial species.

Type information
Europe; N. Africa; USA; Brazil; New England [Switzerland: near Geneve (Oscillatoria vaginata Vaucher)] (Silva 1996-to date).

Detailed distribution with sources
(as Microcoleus vaginatus Gomont ex Gomont)
Arctic: Arctic (Patova, Davdov & Andreeva 2015), Arctic Russia (Davydov 2018), Ellesmere Island (Croasdale 1973), Svalbard (Spitsbergen) (Skulberg 1996, Matula et al. 2007, Davydov 2013, Davydov 2014).

Europe: Britain (Whitton et al. 2003, John, Whitton & Brook 2011), Czech Republic (Gadea et al. 2013, Gadea et al. 2013), Faroe Islands (Irvine 1982), Georgia (Barinova et al. 2011, Barinova & Kukhaleishvili 2014, Barinova & Kukhaleishvili 2017), Germany (Täuscher 2011, Stutz & Mattern (eds) et al. 2018, Mikhailyuk et al. 2019), Greece (Gkelis et al. 2016), Ireland (Adams 1908), Italy (Furnari et al. 2003, Furnari et al. 2003), Romania (Caraus 2002, Caraus 2012, Caraus 2017), Russia (Europe) (Gaysina et al. 2018 , Patova & Novakovskaya 2018), Scandinavia (Karlason et al. 2018), Slovakia (Hindák & Hindáková 2016), Spain (Romero Martinengo & Romero Martinengo 1982, Aboal & Llimona 1984, Aboal & Llimona 1984, Aboal & Llimona 1984, Aboal 1988, Alvarez-Cobelas & Gallardo 1988, Aboal 1989, Bárbara & Cremades 1996, Aboal, Prefasi & Asencio 1996, Aboal 1996, Uher et al. 2005, De la Rosa Álamos 2016), Spain (incl. Canary Is.) (Gallardo et al. 2016).

North America: Alaska (AK) (Saunders 1901), Arkansas (AR) (Smith 2010), Channel Islands, California (Ramos et al. 2014), Florida (FL) (Dawes 1974), Great Lakes (Prescott 1962), Northwest Territories (Sheath & Steinman 1982), Québec (Poulin, Hamilton & Proulx 1995), Virginia (VA) (Humm 1979).

South America: Argentina (Tell 1985), Brazil (Azevedo, Nogueira & Sant'Anna 1996).

Africa: Ghana (Lawson & John 1987, Smith, Smith & Nii Yemoh Annang 2015).

South-west Asia: Bahrain (Silva, Basson & Moe 1996), India (Gupta 2012), Iraq (Maulood et al. 2013), Israel (Vinogradova et al. 2000, Barinova, Yeuda & Nevo 2010), Punjab (Anon 2012).

Asia: China (Hu & Wei 2006, Chu et al. 2007, Ge et al. 2014), Japan (Hirose, Yamagishi & Akiyama 1977), Nepal (Rai, Rai & Jha 2010), Russia (Far East) (Medvedeva & Nikulina 2014), Tajikistan (Barinova, Boboev & Hisoriev 2015, Barinova & Niyatbekov 2018).

South-east Asia: Singapore (Pham et al. 2011).

Australia and New Zealand: New Zealand (Chapman, Thompson & Segar 1957, Broady & Merican 2012), Queensland (Day et al. 1995, Phillips 2002, Bostock & Holland 2010), South Australia (Day et al. 1995), Victoria (Day et al. 1995).

Pacific Islands: Central Polynesia (Tsuda & Walsh 2013), Federated States of Micronesia (Lobban & Tsuda 2003, Lobban & Tsuda 2003, Tsuda 2006), Hawaiian Islands (HI) (Sherwood 2004), Mariana Islands (Tsuda 2003).

(as Microcoleus terrestris Engler)
Europe: Germany (Stutz & Mattern (eds) et al. 2018).

(as Geitlerinema sandbergii (Skuja) Anagnostidis)
Europe: Romania (Caraus 2002), Scandinavia (Karlason et al. 2018).

Key references
Boyer, S.L., Johansen, J.R., Flechtner, V.R. & Howard, G.L. (2002). Phylogeny and genetic variance in terrestrial Microcoleus (Cyanophyceae) species based on sequence analysis of the 16s rRNA gene and associated 16S-23S ITS region. Journal of Phycology 38: 1222-1235.

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Ge, H., Zhang, J., Zhou, X., Xia, L. & Hu, C. (2014). Effects of light intensity on components and topographical structures of extracellular polymeric substances from Microcoleus vaginatus (cyanophyceae). Phycologia 53(2): 167-173.

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