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Species References

Callithamnion byssoides Arnott ex Harvey

(Please note: only references with the binomials in the title are included. The information is from the Literature database.)

Edwards, P. (1969). The life history of Callithamnion byssoides in culture. Journal of Phycology 5: 266-268.
Edwards, P. (1971). Effects of light intensity, daylength, and temperature on growth and reproduction of Callithamnion byssoides. Contributions in Phycology September: 163-174, 7 figs, 4 tables.
Kapraun, D.F. (1978). Field and culture studies on growth and reproduction of Callithamnion byssoides (Rhodophyta, Ceramiales) in North Carolina. Journal of Phycology 14: 21-24.
Rueness, J. & L'Hardy-Halos, M.-T. (1991). Aglaothamnion westbrookiae sp. nov. (Rhodophyta), a species previously confused under the name Callithamnion byssoides. Journal of Phycology 27: 649-652.
Rueness, J. & Rueness, M. (1980). Culture and field observations on Callithamnion bipinnatum and C. byssoides (Rhodophyta, Ceramiales) from Norway. Sarsia 65: 29-34.

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