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Species References

Rhodymenia pseudopalmata (J.V.Lamouroux) P.C.Silva

(Please note: only references with the binomials in the title are included. The information is from the Literature database.)

Gauna, M.C., Parodi, E.R. & Cáceres, E.J. (2009). Epiphytic relationships of Pseudendoclonium submarinum Wille (Ulvophyceae) and Rhodymenia pseudopalmata (Rhodophyta) from the Patagonian coast of Argentina. Phycological Research 57(4): 313-322.
Gauna, M.C., Parodi, E.R. & Cáceres, E.J. (2009). The occurrence of Laminarionema elsbetiae (Phaeophyceae) on Rhodymenia pseudopalmata (Rhodophyta) from the Patagonian coasts of Argentina: characteristics of the relationships in natural and experimental infections, and morphology of the epi-endophyte in unialgal free culture. Algae 24(4): 249-256, 29 figs, 1 table.
Pakker, H., Beekman, C.A.C. & Breeman, A.M. (2000). Efficient photoreactivation of UVBR-induced DNA damage in the sublittoral macroalga Rhodymenia pseudopalmata (Rhodophyta). European Journal of Phycology 35: 109-114, 1 fig.
Pliego-Cortés, H., Bedoux, G., Boulho, R., Taupin, L., Freile-Pelegrín, Y., Bourgougnon, N. & Robledo, D. (2019). Stress tolerance and photoadaptation to solar radiation in Rhodymenia pseudopalmata (Rhodophyta) through mycosporine-like amino acids, phenolic compounds, and pigments in an Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture system. Algal Research 41(101542): [1-11].
Pliego-Cortés, H., Caamal-Fuentes, E., Montero-Muñoz, J., Freile-Pelegrín, Y. & Robledo, D. (). Growth, biochemical and antioxidant content of Rhodymenia pseudopalmata (Rhodymeniales, Rhodophyta) cultivated under salinity and irradiance treatments. Journal of Applied Phycology 29: 2595-2603.
Semesis, K. & Dawes, C.J. (1986). Chemical composition, yield, and quality of a phycolloid from the red alga Rhodymenia pseudopalmata (Lam.) Silva. Botanica Marina 29: 83-84.

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