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Species References

Ulva olivascens P.J.L.Dangeard

(Please note: only references with the binomials in the title are included. The information is from the Literature database.)

Altamirano, M., Flores-Moya, A., Conde, F. & Figueroa, F.L. (2000). Growth seasonality, photosynthetic pigments, and carbon and nitrogen content in relation to enviornmental factors: a field study of Ulva olivascens (Ulvales, Chlorophyta). Phycologia 39: 50-58.
Gayral, P. (1962). Sur l'existence de gamétophytes chez Ulva olivascens P. Dang. du détroit de Gibraltar, description du développement de cette espèce. Le Botaniste 45: 83-91.

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