Submitting Feedback to AlgaeBase

You can use the "Submit Feedback" link on every page where it appears; for example, to point out errors or to query entries on the site. We always respond to these communications.

Please note before you write:

  • We do not supply or sell anything, including text-books and cultures.
  • We cannot provide data sets except under license
  • We cannot identify specimens or comment on photographs.
  • Do not send requests for literature as any PDFs we can share are already on the site and we cannot provide any others.

We're very sorry but we do not have the time to answer such queries any longer.

Please do not write to us about Prorocentrum compressum (J.W.Bailey) Abé ex J.D.Dodge, supposedly a dinoflagellate, being a taxonomic synonym of Tryblionella compressa (J.W.Bailey) Poulin, supposedly a diatom. It is indeed an unusual case, but there was a difference of opinion as to the identity of the basionym Pyxidicula compressa J.W.Bailey, some authors treating it as a diatom and other as a dinoflagellate; the consensus now is that it is a diatom.

Please do not write to us about the change of spelling of Zostera noltii to Zostera noltei. The orthography "Noltii" was originally used by Hornemann to honour Ernst Ferdinand Nolte (1791-1875). Under the current International Code of Nomenclature the genitive singular honorific for a name ending in "e" is to add an "i" and not to delete the "e" and to add "ii". There is no point in writing to me to complain about this. All four higher plant names honouring Nolte are currently spelled "noltei".

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