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The images remain the property of the copyright owners who give permission for non-commercial use for teaching purposes in lectures and on meetings' presentations and posters, provided their copyright and the source is acknowledged, but are NOT free for publication in any format or manner.

Images copyrighted by M.D. Guiry

In the case of these pictures for which M.D. Guiry is the copyright owner, larger formats are generally available for commercial use: 2-10 Mb for jpegs; 5-28 Mb for tiffs; most recent images are more than 3000 x 2000 pixels wide, and at 300 dpi or better.

I am willing to quote for your use of my copyrighted images: send me a description of how you are going to use my material and I will quote a price by return; there is, however, a minimum charge of EUR150 for each transaction, so please do not contact me if you are not willing to accept this charge. Other photographers' prices are available directly from them, and please do not contact me in relation to these images as I do not have the resources to mediate. Unfortunately, I can no longer provide images free, so please do not ask as I will not be able to respond.

All payments received for images are used entirely to support the site. Payment must be in Euros, preferably to a PayPal account. Please cite the image reference number (e.g. "Image Ref. 8987") on each image if you wish to ask for an image.

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You can search using this form for a choice of pictures. Search for a genus name or a binomial, such as "Ralfsia" or "Ralfsia verrucosa". All pictures are initially loaded as thumbnails - click on the thumbnails to get larger versions which are suitable for use in lectures and presentations.

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