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Kornmann, P. & Sahling, P.-H., 1994

Kornmann, P. & Sahling, P.-H. (1994). Meeresalgen von Helgoland: Zweite Ergänzung. Helgoländer Meeresuntersuchungen 48: 365-406.

This investigation complements two previous publications by Kornmann & Sahling [1977, 1983]. The paper summarizes floristic changes that have taken place in the marine macroalgal flora of Helgoland, North Sea, over the past 100 years. Moreover, taxonomical and, partly, life history data are given on 5 genera of green algae, e.g.Ulva, including the description of a new species,Ulva tenera; 5 genera of brown algae, e.g.Fucus ceranoides, Sargassum muticum, both species being new records for Helgoland; and 6 genera of red algae, e.g.Porphyra; Mastocarpus stellatus, which is also a new record for Helgoland.)


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