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Athanasiadis, A., 1996

Athanasiadis, A. (1996). Morphology and classification of the Ceramioideae (Rhodophyta) based on phylogenetic principles. Opera Botanica 128: [1]-216, 108 figs.

The order Ceramiales contains about one third of red algal diversity and it was classically classified into four families according to morphology. The first phylogenies based on one or two molecular markers were poorly supported and failed to resolve these families as monophyletic. Nine families are currently recognized, but relationships within and among them are poorly understood. We produced a well-resolved phylogeny for the Ceramiales using plastid genomes for 80 (28 newly sequenced) representative species of the major lineages. Three of the previously recognized families were resolved as independent monophyletic lineages: Ceramiaceae, Wrangeliaceae and Rhodomelaceae. By contrast, our results indicated that the other six families require reclassification. We propose the new order Inkyuleeales, a new circumscription of the Callithamniaceae to include the Spyridiaceae, and a new concept of the Delesseriaceae that includes the Sarcomeniaceae and the Dasyaceae. We also investigated the evolution of the thallus structure, which has been important in the classical delineation of families. The ancestor of the Ceramiales was a monosiphonous filament that evolved into more complex morphologies several times independently during the evolutionary history of this hyperdiverse lineage.

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