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Gunnerus, J.E., 1776 '1772'

Gunnerus, J.E. (1776 '1772'). Flora norvegica, observationibus praesertim oeconomicis panosque norvegici locupletata. Pars posterior, cum iconibus. pp. [i]- viii, [1]-148, indices, pls I-IX. Hafnia [Copenhagen]: Impensis Frederici Christiani Pelt.

Hafnia [Copenhagen]

The year of publication is 1776, not 1772: "... volume two had a very complicated history. According to Gunnerus’s own preface the manuscript was partly finished in 1770 and then brought to Copenhagen. Generally the delays had financial (Gunnerus’s ambitions far exceeded his finances) and geographical causes (the second volume was printed in Copenhagen with the author resident in Trondheim). The long delay in publication of the second volume was also caused by the author’s death, as well as a lack of printing capacity (caused by the introduction of freedom to print). The frontispiece as well as the preface, and possibly the first four pages (marked A at the bottom) were printed in 1772, but were not distributed until the complete volume appeared finally in 1776 with an additional preface (with separate pagination). The details of the printing story are clearly explained in this new preface (from 1775) by the editor of the volume, Gunnerus’s nephew and adopted son Niels Dorph Gunnerus (1751–1789). This text has been neglected by most botanists, probably because of its elaborate Latin language or by not being included in all secondarily bound volumes (as in at least one of those studied by the authors of TL-2, that at Harvard that had belonged to W.G. Farlow." (Jørgensen 2012: 1088-1089).


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